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We curate posts that inspire, educate and entertain. All content is generated in the tone of a brand advocate, which is always meticulously measured and reported in a simple to understand way so clients can see great results with ease.

Influencer marketing

We manage your influencer strategy from start to finish, starting with searching for the perfect social media influencers to promote your business. We negotiate fees and manage creatives, which is all reported upon concisely.


Content marketing

It all begins with expertly crafted, SEO optimised articles that will act as fuel for the fire of your social campaigns and encourage organic search traffic to your site. The proof is in human connection, and the content we produce leads with thought and consideration for the way your brand speaks to its audience.


Facebook advertising

With 1.5 billion people logging on to Facebook every day, it simply can not go unnoticed. Our expert team will focus on maximising your ad spend, helping you achieve; page likes, brand reach, sales, leads and more. We put you front and centre, ready to communicate with the right people.

Instagram advertising

Need an effective paid strategy for your Instagram business? Our experience enables us to generate huge results for your account. Instagram promotion is more important than ever, and we want your business to be ahead of the curve.


LinkedIn advertising

Utilising LinkedIn advertising is a great strategy for B2B companies. We help your LinkedIn business account create brand awareness, generate web traffic and create leads, alongside building a strong representation of your core business values.


Twitter advertising

Keeping it short and sweet? Advertising on Twitter offers unique features that your business can utilise to get the best results. Twitter really gets down to specifics, where you can even target users who have used a specific word or hashtag previously.

Improving showhome opening attendance with social reminders 

  • Higher than average CTR
  • Low CPC’s
  • Low frequency
  • Encouraged brochure and development form completions as well as increased showhome opening attendance
  • 89% were new uses for Bargate Homes
Bargate Homes Facebook ads
Bargate Homes Facebook ads
Bargate Homes Facebook ads
Bargate Homes Facebook ads

Generating room and food bookings with organic Facebook and Instagram posts

  • Consistent level of reach and engagement with post
  • Created bespoke landing pages with recipes to encourage engagement during UK lockdown (over 500 sessions during Q1 and Q2)
  • Assisted 9 conversions through our posts

why choose Rooster?

Your business needs to establish its voice. Our social media marketing services turn up the volume.

Social media management working across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn, Rooster delivers relevant content, management of social platforms and most importantly, an efficient strategy.

Our team of social marketing specialists will take care to build the right audience. We create campaigns that drive engagement, promote products through clever advertisements, and produce carefully crafted conversions that will grow your profiles to the next level.

Social media marketing services that go beyond fact, and add feeling.

We work with clients in both B2B and B2C sectors, where it may seem challenging to have your voice heard in a world where company giants take the lead in the conversation. Rooster not only provides your audience with the content that they are searching for but content with a personal touch that they will love and come back to.


We read between the lines and the audience minds.

Research is at the core of how we work. Everything begins with a fine-tooth comb and a clear understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. 

With all social platforms, we understand that what works for some, may not work for others. We take a look at which will be most successful for you and go from there; producing engaging content that creates plenty of opportunities for brand visibility. Your social media platforms will be tailored to ensure you gain ultimate exposure and engagement.