Campaign creative

We needed to create a theme for the campaign, to communicate the product in the marketplace. After a tissue meeting, our creative team rolled with an idea, literally making a hero; and that’s how Hearo was born. The name was a springboard for the creative direction of the campaign. We began by turning the product itself into a superhero character, onto which our 3D artists took the product model and added the cloak and arms to make Hearo. We also developed the character’s origin story – and added a few superpowers that showcase the products.

Character cgi creation

Where appropriate, we create characters to help tell a story in an engaging, memorable way.

Remember Compare The Meerkat? Aleksandr Orlov and his good friend Sergei are forever cemented in our cultural history. Not bad for a CGI meerkat.

We created the Hearo campaign for Aspire Pharma with a similar approach, designing a character in the shape of their product. We took a stark, clinical advertising campaign and gave it personality – driving sales with a noteworthy visual identity in an otherwise noisy market place.

Campaign roll out

With the Hearo character and messaging worked out, it was time to roll out our campaign across all marketing touchpoints. We developed a visually arresting set of images created in a style that both we and the client were delighted with.

Red carpet treatment

We also had the pleasure of putting together digital campaign assets for their product, Eyezin XL, an eye drop that provides relief for very dry eyes.

They wanted strong messaging in an already flooded market.

Adopting a similar approach to their previous campaigns, the Rooster team quickly assembled various concepts, consisting of unique and eye-catching imagery for their target audience.

Eyeing the spotlight

Following the dramatic impact of our ‘Hearo’, the Rooster team wasted no time pushing the product into the spotlight (literally!) – with playful messaging around the hydration of irritable eyes.

Take a bow

With the standout messaging and artwork perfected, the digital campaign appeared across several channels, including The Sun, providing instant results for the client.

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