Rooster is an award-winning PPC agency with offices in London, Winchester, Birmingham & Manchester.

We create intelligent, data-driven PPC campaigns that deliver success for our clients – utilising the latest advancements in machine learning with over 50 years of collective knowledge in paid search. Discover how our expert team can improve your business online today.

Performance-focused PPC

PPC is data-focused, meaning every action, change or test has a direct outcome. We can see the impact of every choice that is made within an account, meaning we have complete control over how to improve performance for clients.

Make the most of your digital marketing budgets by choosing a PPC campaign. See exactly where your budget is spent and what it achieved. Expect results to increase exponentially with the right strategy and optimisations.

Where humans & machine learning combine

Search engines are more intelligent than ever before and are constantly evolving. In turn, paid search advances every day, and machine learning is a key factor in a paid campaign’s success in search and display.

However, accounts can go rogue when incorrectly structured. Leaving an account to its own devices without detailed analysis and optimisation means you are not getting the most from your campaigns.

Our team consists of experts in PPC management who have been running successful and cost-effective search and display campaigns since Google Ads launched in 2000.

Google Partners

Rooster Marketing are a proud Google Partner. We are experts in all things Google. Our team undertake regular certification and training to stay up to date with all the latest developments in the paid search atmosphere.

Google trusts us, so you should too!

Is Google Ads my only option for PPC?

Of course not! Google may dominate 92% of the search market, but it’s not the only paid search or pay-per-click platform out there. We work with all platforms, generating the right strategy and structure for your KPIs.

We roll out campaigns simultaneously on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) and several other pay-per-click platforms. We also run social media marketing on all major social platforms.

Why choose Rooster as your PPC agency?

Easy – we get results.

  • Increased an international school’s CTR by 492%.
  • Increased conversions for a private aircraft charter company by 142% during the pandemic
  • Increased conversion rate 168% for a UK manufacturing company
  • Decreased a specialist lawyers cost per conversion by 67%
  • Generated 26% more revenue for a holiday company during its sale period


We have experts in PPC across the agency and in our multiple UK offices.

Every PPC campaign is different. Who you’re targeting, what keywords you’re using and geographic location all play a factor in choosing how much to spend on PPC.

If you sell e-commerce products, we can work on an exact budget based on how many sales you want, providing a guide on what your campaigns budgets can look like.

We do everything bespoke, and that applies to quoting as well!

As Google Partners, our team regularly have their knowledge tested to remain certified. We are always learning and are often at the forefront of any new technology or developments in the industry.

Just speak to the team and see how much PPC knowledge we have!

Success looks different for every business. With pay-per-click advertising, our goal is to generate high-quality traffic to your website that generates leads that turn into sales. However, we also work with brand awareness campaigns, ensuring your brand is exactly where your audience is searching – every time they search.

We create monthly reports for every client in numerous ways to suit your working style – from presentations suitable for board-level meetings to pure data for your own analysis.

We find with new clients that we work very closely with marketing teams to understand your business, your audience and competitors in the first instance. This helps us create the right strategy for your goals and the best structure to achieve them.

Always expect to hear far more from us in the first few months before we get into a more settled account and standard optimisation. However, this isn’t where you never hear from us again. We’re a PPC ad agency that regularly checks in with our clients, with questions around specific optimisations, clarifying search queries and checking on lead quality to ensure campaigns are performing well internally as well as from our view.

Yes, most paid search platforms allow international targeting. However, there are sometimes exceptions for specific countries or limitations.

Our team is well versed in platform policies to answer any questions about targeting and limitations.

  1. We have a kick-off meeting to discuss aims, objectives and more about your brand/service/products.
  2. We research keywords and audience information to create a suitable PPC strategy
  3. This strategy will build the best PPC structure and budget for your business
  4. We discuss the PPC structure and budgets with your team in detail
  5. Once signed off, we write all the ads and send for approval
  6. Once ads are signed off, we set the campaign up in whatever platform is being used ready for go-live.

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