Shine magazine

Shine is an inspirational magazine from the NHS, which tells the stories of nurses, doctors, patients and communities. It’s distributed internally to build connections within the NHS, in print and digital formats. They wanted to elevate the magazine into a more editorial, high-end piece – to inspire teams and shake off the “company newsletter” feel their current magazine had.

The NHS came to us at the height of the most uncertain time in modern history, especially for healthcare. We delivered a rebranded Shine magazine that would elevate perceptions and spirits, keeping it recognisable and approachable while enhancing legibility and layout. We created a style guide and a template to use for future issues, to ensure ongoing consistency and confidence.

Recruiting new heroes

NHS Southern Healthcare needed to recruit more mental health nurses. Our video production team developed a video to use as a recruitment tool. Rooster developed and wrote the script, drafted storyboards and then filmed original footage with art direction.

Shoots were carried out on location, at sites across the south coast, to sell the benefits of the location and to highlight the richness of a career with NHS Southern Healthcare. We then edited the footage in our studio, with custom animation and graphics overlays.

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