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for the road ahead

AA DriveTech provides risk management solutions for fleet and transport managers and delivers driver awareness courses for UK police. Rooster was commissioned to review DriveTech’s current brand within the market and within the AA group’s structure.

brand exploration

We carried out a full brand identity review, including research and recommendations for taking the brand forward. We explored a range of new brand identities that set DriveTech apart without detaching from the AA. We used a variety of visual cues – colours and shapes associated with the AA, the AA branding itself and simple endorsing straplines – to discover new ways of expressing DriveTech as a brand.

DriveTech brand guidelines
AA DriveTech logo brand guidelines
AA DriveTech logo brand guidelines
AA DriveTech logo brand guidelines
AA DriveTech logo brand guidelines


Rooster was asked to redesign the DriveTech website and improve the user journey. The website combines clean, simple design with a carefully thought out and clear structure, split across three microsites. This enables the user to switch between them at the touch of a button, navigating a complex website with ease. The website was designed with multilingual capabilities from the start, which lets users switch languages without compromising the integrity of the website. DriveTech’s online brand experience is seamless across platforms, because of our careful attention to detail and mobile responsive design.

supporting print

Rooster supports AA DriveTech with documentation and literature for use at trade events and exhibitions. We’ve helped create awareness campaigns and large format collateral, including display stands and banner designs from convincing CGI mock ups.

AA DriveTech advert
DriveTech print advert
Drivetech print advert

corporate brochures

Rooster worked with AA DriveTech to produce a series of corporate brochures. The imagery in each of the brochures varies, to cater to a specific target audience. The aim was to lift the brand into a more forward-thinking position, making it both accessible and authoritative.

image style

We rolled out new imagery, messaging and styling for a new service – DriveTech PULSE, a health check for fleet risk assessment. The visual style is adopted across marketing materials to elevate the brand and give it a dynamic feel; fresh but familiar to the AA’s audience, particularly in this niche.