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Working out where and how a brand should sit takes time, research and knowledge. The best way to do this is to take a phased, collaborative approach with the client. We organise a brand overview meeting, to understand where our client is positioned in their industry and where they want to go.

Creative brand campaigns

After a tissue meeting, we research ideas and explore different creative avenues. We always show a range of ideas and campaigns – these start out as sketches, before being realised throughout the client’s repertoire of marketing touch points.

Our process of research, client collaboration and exploration of ideas is what delivers creative campaigns with impact. We look at things differently – to capture the imagination, and to create a unique and engaging campaign, ready for all marketing platforms.

Campaign photography and roll-out

Photography can make or break a campaign. Imagery is one of the most powerful creative tools in the box, adding instant emotion that captivates and engages audiences. At Rooster, we have our own dedicated photography team that we deploy to bring our creative campaigns to life.

Rolling out a new campaign is as exciting for us as it is for the client. It’s a rewarding experience, to finally see months of hard work and energy come to life out in the world – even more so when the results start coming in. We consider all formats for roll out, from digital media through to physical materials, with absolute brand consistency and impeccable quality throughout.

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Creative concepts

The coffee bags market is rapidly growing and Lyons wanted to reinforce their position as the original coffee bag brand in the market. The campaign concepts had to be attention-grabbing and we wanted it to reflect the pioneering spirit of Joe Lyons and his eccentric character.

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