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What does your brand truly represent? Each needs a story, and every consideration is limitless. We get under the skin to understand the bigger picture. From there, we will thoughtfully solidify your brand’s journey.

Rooster delves deeper to grasp your true heritage – your brand evolution is in expert hands.

Sub brands

Creating a sub brand is how many businesses reach new audiences, when the parent brand won’t strike the right tone. New products, places, personas – all of these can be built with sub brands, too.


Push into the next level of your industry. Shake off the past – elevate the visual language and tone of voice of your business. Like startup branding, rebrands follow a methodology. We listen to the client’s issues with the current identity and execute deep research – often conducting market research among key audiences to uncover the truth behind brand perception.

Our work is crafted by razor-sharp designers, researched by insightful marketers and is backed up with our expertise in a multitude of challenging industries. The designs we create elevate businesses into their next evolutionary phase.

Brand evolution

Your story is our creation. It’s time to show yourself.

We transform old brands into something new – defining and shaping their core message so that they connect with substance, value and voice. Our brand evolution work crosses all formats and platforms, made with our collective expertise in specific areas of marketing.

Brand evolution is one of the central pillars of our daily work – but it’s a sensitive job that needs to be approached in the right manner. When a business already has some heritage and legacy built up with its current identity, it’s important for the designer not to move too far away from it. Our main goal when evolving brands is to present an identity that draws from a brand’s heritage but enables it to stay relevant.

A strong brand should outlive its founders and become a legend; notorious, noteworthy and never-ending. We collaborate with established brands to evolve them in a changing world.

Startup branding

We love to create and develop brands from scratch – for new businesses preparing for a lifetime of growth.

Startup companies are a blank canvas for creative design. They come to us with an idea, bags of enthusiasm and even some of their own research.

It’s our job to take that raw energy and finesse it into a polished product – one that their customers see as established, trustworthy and in line with their own values. We oversee the roll out of their new identity, over all digital and physical marketing touch points, ensuring that the quality and consistency is high.

Your brand is everything. It’s not your logo or your name. It’s not your colour palette or tone of voice. It’s not your fonts or your staff uniforms, or the quality of your printed material.

It’s all of it. And everything else.

Your brand is how people know you. It’s what people feel about your business. If it’s confusing, all over the place, undecided – that’s how people will feel about you. Unless they’ve already forgotten.

Our senses drive our emotions and trigger our memories. Emotions make all of our decisions. Even the logical ones. We build brands out of research, made for your audience – made to remember, made to elevate your business – brands for life.

Choose Rooster to bring your brand to life today.

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