Masters of light

Lee Filters design, create and manufacture precision optical filters for photography, film and architecture. Their products are used and trusted by some of the most renowned photographers and filmmakers in the world. They came to Rooster with a series of technical and design challenges, which we worked through with the client.

They wanted to redesign their website, improving its structure and user journey. We worked to improve their key pages, such as lightning filters and gels, and created a selection process to compare filters. Above all, they wanted to present their brand in a more sophisticated, modern way – giving users the technical information they’re searching for while using real photography taken with their products.

Specialist tools

The Rooster development team created a members-only area for users to subscribe to – delivering exclusive content while giving the LEE Filters team new marketing opportunities within their most active and loyal audience. Access to tools is hidden on the site until a user subscribes, with a specially-made design to incorporate them once access is granted.

We adapted their existing suite of system matching tools to fit their new branding, and also worked to improve their functionality. We improved the user journey of the system match and made it easier to filter through the right products. We presented a more logical order of data, to better transpose to PDFs.

Using data supplied by LEE Filters, we updated their range of comparison graphs that show the light profile of their filters, giving users a more immediate, simpler way of viewing technical information.


Our in-house photographer captured physical LEE Filters products in the studio, in line with our designer’s vision for the website. We wanted to make the product the hero – placing elements on light or dark coloured backgrounds. We’ve captured vivid, detailed images that are clean, clear and the centre of attention.

LEE100 website

In addition to the main website, we created a standalone microsite for the updated LEE100 system. The visually engaging homepage features photography from world-famous photographers while presenting the redesigned filter system as a hero product.

We needed to explain how the LEE100 filter system works and its compatibility with existing adapter rings and filters. We used closeup photography and a demonstration video, with clear depictions of the many options available. As a global product, we had to consider a clear path to purchase through distributors and LEE Direct.


For a watertight, consistent brand in all applications, we created comprehensive brand guidelines for LEE Filters. These guidelines will serve internal teams, advising the correct use of imagery, colours, logos and fonts. The brand guidelines can also be used by any third party supplier to LEE Filters that they choose for the creation of branded media.

LEE Direct

The final piece of the puzzle was getting the product into customers’ hands. While LEE Filters has a global network of stockists, there’s massive potential for them to sell direct – and so we crafted a bespoke eCommerce website, running on an open-source CMS, giving the client complete control of their online shop. With a clear design and a lightning-fast user journey, customers can go from research straight to purchase effortlessly.

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