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Let Rooster guide your marketing strategy and help identify your customer’s needs. Through extensive brand research and incredibly insightful data, we get to understand your business expectations and what you have to offer to your customers. From that onwards, we determine how best to connect you.

Research and analysis

Strategy works best when it’s informed by data. Our approach to planning and strategy is based on KPIs combined with the insight gained from deep market research. We generate tangible goals and customer focused plans, for ongoing campaigns and one-off projects.

We take an open approach to market research. We combine our analytical and specialist knowledge with insight gained from customers, staff and the people yet to encounter your business. Our aim: to know how people feel about your business and brand, how they engage with you, what you mean to them – and how their experiences can be improved.


The most important step is the first one we take together – where we get to know you, discuss your ideas, your hopes and goals for each project – and tackle your challenges. In turn, you’ll get to know us and what our team can do. Then, we conduct competitor research, audience and outcomes sessions, vox pops and brand reviews. These help us understand your brand and customers, and gives us the initial ideas to elevate your marketing. We combine the insights gained from market research with our specialist knowledge, to create an actionable, strategic marketing plan to work from.

The most important step is the first one we take together


Once you’re completely happy with the plan, we execute it. Our researchers work in tandem with our design, development and digital marketing teams to plan bespoke, customer-focused strategies that excel against the KPIs they set out to achieve.

As the results come in, we adapt and refine the plan based on the new data – always improving on what’s come before.

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