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Jon Williams

fall proof

Being physically active can help mental health, relationships, as well as success at school and work – but two‐thirds of people in Gloucestershire are inactive. Active Gloucestershire is a charity that promotes health and wellbeing through sport and physical activity. They came to Rooster for a new campaign aimed at preventing falls among the elderly by helping build strength. We created Fall proof – a character-driven series of stories and videos, featuring exercises and interviews.


We had to create a relatable campaign for demographics that typically avoid gyms or fitness programmes. So we approached the campaign with a sense of humour and tone that the target group would enjoy, developing a series of characters and activities: Able like Male, Steady like Eddie, Balance like Barbara, Carry Like Harry – injecting personality and likeability to the campaign. We scripted each character for a video and photoshoot, where we would have pieces to camera and demonstrations of exercises delivered by actors.

green screen

At a specialist film studio, we shot videos of exercises that can be done on the stairs, in chairs and with household items – simple and light activities that can be achieved by all abilities, which add up over time to improved strength. Using a green screen allowed us to create custom backgrounds and scenes in post-production.


We keyed out the green screen in our video studio, replacing it with illustrations made in-house. Each scene was created as a distraction-free environment, to put the exercise in focus and hold the viewer’s attention in the right place. This also gave us the freedom to design everything from scratch, giving the campaign a signature style and vibrant colour scheme throughout.


Rooster sourced all acting and modelling talent for the project, including a voice actor for the exercise videos. Our actors performed the exercises and delivered monologues in the character profiles we’d written. While they largely stuck to the scripts we’d produced, we encouraged some creative embellishments along the way – to give a spontaneous feel and add true character.

print collateral

The campaign was rolled out with a website and printed materials delivered by charity workers in the Gloucestershire community. We created an easy to use guide book and handy hint cards to prompt exercises in relevant parts of the house, with progress charts for participants to log their success.

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