Global yet local

GenesisCare is a global healthcare provider, with radiotherapy centres in the UK, Spain and Australia. With more than 2,500 highly trained health professionals and support staff, GenesisCare helps more than 160,000 people every year. GenesisCare came to Rooster to increase patient engagement – through bespoke regional website creation, print and interactive digital content design.


With careful logistical planning and execution, Rooster visited all 14 of GeneisisCare’s specialist UK radiotherapy centres, to build a bespoke image library for their marketing materials.

We photographed staff, equipment and the clinical environment – capturing a comfortable, professional atmosphere and demonstrating the quality of care their patients expect. We planned a specific shot list, to ensure we had the right kind of images to produce their immediate marketing material. We also carried out general photography on the fly – to give GenesisCare a library of useful, unique images that will last for the lifetime of their current branding.

Animated logos and websites

Rooster’s digital campaign work for GenesisCare involved the design, creation and deployment of new websites for each regional centre. This gave us a unique design challenge; bespoke designs for each region and specialism that focus on the leading medical practitioner at their respective clinic.

Each webpage had to perform in search engines for several purposes – including protecting their doctors’ names, reclaiming their brand identity and appearing in local or map searches.

We created a series of simple yet beautiful designs, logos and websites for each practice, giving their teams the tools and skills to upload content. Our in-house digital marketers tuned each website technically, on-site and off, for optimal search engine performance.


Rooster continues to work with GenesisCare on their national and internal print campaigns – using their established design language and the extensive library of images we’ve produced.

Our integrated approach gives the brand weight in every setting, for the best first impression no matter where it’s made.

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