As trends come and go, we all know the fashion industry to be fast-paced and well-equipped for change. Despite this, the transition to digital marketing can still feel like a struggle for heritage brands and those who started their fashion careers offline. 

The expectations of the typical fashion shopper have changed considerably since and even before the pandemic. Those who didn’t begin their journey online are struggling to up their efforts to fit in with the fast fashion game players such as PrettyLittleThing and ASOS. 

Despite their hesitations to work digitally, brands must get on board if they want to stand a chance of lasting success. Digital marketing isn’t just required for customers to gain easy access to brands and their products, consumers desire connection, communication and an all-around memorable shopping experience, with the pandemic only heightening such.

The move from traditional to digital

Traditional measures no longer meet our needs as much as they once did. In previous years, traditional growth methods were incredibly effective for much larger companies in the industry. 

Nowadays, small businesses are creating the ability to offer better access, refined communication and more competitive prices – similar to the bigger businesses out there. So, the way to capture consumer attention is to set your sights on providing the best communication and customer experiences. 

Digital marketing, when utilised efficiently, has the potential to transform your brand presence, increase sales and build profit. In a world where everyone wants everything all at once, digital marketing allows brands to make their products and services available to consumers – whether that is by building an interactive website presence or through paid social ads. 

The rise of fashion brands

In 2022, the UK fashion industry is estimated to be worth around £60.1 billion, employing over 555,000 people within the market. The e-commerce sector, which is the largest segment of the e-commerce market, is predicted to reach over $953.1 billion globally by the end of 2024. 

How to take advantage of digital marketing in the fashion industry

However, with the rise of fashion brands increasing by the second, it’s becoming difficult to stand out from the crowd – especially if you are not utilising digital as much as you should.

Partner with influencers

Influencers are the next big thing, especially where fashion is concerned. To best target your desired market, you can work with influencers who are well known in the fashion and beauty industry to promote your fashion brand to the right audience. 

The right influencer can help to increase sales, profits and website visit just by recommending your products. You could even reach an entirely new audience you didn’t expect. While influencer rates can be pricey, If you do your research, you should be able to make the most out of your investment.

Focus on audience engagement 

Brand loyalty doesn’t occur overnight. To feel connected with your brand, consumers need to know that you are listening to them. Regular engagement allows customers to assume that you are an honest, reliable brand. 

A sense of community is crucial if you want consumers to come back again and again. Whether that is encouraging consumers to engage with a giveaway, responding to customer queries on social media or sharing interactive Instagram stories, any engagement helps.

Aim to retarget visitors

You can’t always guarantee a sale after someone has visited your website or clicked on an advertisement. This doesn’t mean you are not on the consumer’s mind, as many will often still think of a memorable campaign or website that stuck with them. You can target previous visitors by presenting secondary ads to remind them of the product they came across beforehand. 

Another method for retargeting visitors is to offer exclusive discounts after a consumer has abandoned their shopping basket. This technique is a great way to get consumers over the final hurdle and commit to their purchase.

High-quality photos

For the fashion industry, image is everything. There is no use having gorgeous statement pieces captured through low-quality images. Good visuals are what sell fashion products to their desired market. 

Consumers want to know exactly how the piece will look, whether it’s textured, the perfect shade of colour and how it compliments the model. Invest in professional photography to avoid misleading consumers when the product arrives and looks different to what they expected.

Invest in a filter and search tool 

Clothing sites often stock a wide range of products, and without a good filter tool to help consumers refine their search, you risk losing them to a site that has better navigation. Customers want to find their size, preferred colour and style within minutes. 

Having the information at your fingertips with help from a good search tool will make all the difference in your offering.

Clothes for every occasion 

Fast fashion websites are known to take full advantage of different events throughout the year, and it doesn’t end at Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Fashion brands have marketing strategies for St Patricks Day and more. Get to know your national days and focus on strategies for the seasons, weddings, graduations and more.

Present style guides to express expertise 

There are limitless ways a fashion brand can present its products online. An effective way to do so is in the form of a style guide. This usually includes a range of products on the website collated into one piece to show how you can put together an outfit or style different clothing and accessory options. 

Not only does this provide additional support for consumers, but it also shows a brand’s expertise. They know the product well and can confidently promote it as such.

How Rooster can help

Consumer behaviour is transforming the fashion industry every day. For brands, keeping up with trends and expectations is essential to succeed. At Rooster Marketing, we develop creative data-driven marketing strategies to help your brand thrive. Get in touch with us today to find out more.