Ten years! And we’re only just getting started. Here’s to ten years of growth, laughter, hard work, amazing results and meeting the best partners we could wish for. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for the next ten years of Rooster Marketing and we welcome you to come on that journey with us.

our history

In 2010, Rooster Digital was born. Named for Rocky, Chris’s pet rooster, we started by badging ourselves as a digital agency – but we were set to grow into something much bigger.


Our first office was in Winnall, Winchester. It was only big enough for about five people at a squeeze – but our work was getting noticed and so were our clients. Rocky the rooster was also getting noticed after we lost him in a lift on a photoshoot one day! We eventually found him confidently strutting down a corridor on the 5th floor.

After a string of successes, we were landing bigger projects, bigger brands and bringing on new members to join our team.


It wasn’t long before we outgrew our first home, but we still remember those early days fondly. Our next memories would be made at 8 Southgate Street in Winchester – almost palatial in comparison to our first office. Here, we created some amazing work, attracted outstanding talent and forged a path for the future.

As the team grew, so did our skill set, with specialists brought in-house. We were delivering linked marketing services and amazing marketing results to the partners we worked with.


And just like that – we weren’t a digital agency anymore. In 2016, we renamed and rebranded our trading name to Rooster Marketing: a full service marketing agency. Our in-house production now delivered creative, research-based and data-driven marketing, in digital and physical formats. This gave us the ability to offer our partners the services that would make the biggest positive impact on their budgets; not just what we wanted to sell them.

We started picking up awards. Lots of them. We won a Lovie, Best in Show at the W3 Awards, and took home accolades from The Drum and The Communicator Awards to name but a few.

The partnerships we built were becoming stronger. We had become a part of their businesses and were gaining even more trust as we delivered on our promises.


After five years of continuous growth, we moved into our home at The Mill, Shawford.

It’s the most beautiful and inspiring environment a group of creative minds could hope for. A place where our partners love to come to visit us, chat about life – and occasionally about work, too.

This is where we created our best award-winning work, with national and global brands, and established ourselves as a leader in creative marketing. This is where we became the team we are now – strong, capable and fiercely determined. This is where we curated our unique culture; one that’ll stay with every member of our team for a lifetime.

This is where we grow into the next ten years of Rooster.

our future

We believe that marketing can do more. We believe it can be a positive force in people’s lives when it’s done right. We believe that Rooster will be part of the change for good in marketing, advertising and media.

We’re stepping into our next phase of growth: overcoming new challenges, discovering new ways of making an impact in a changing world – and new ways of changing the world.

We’ve pushed ourselves to become more over these past ten years than we ever could have imagined. The next ten years will come to define us – and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next…