Social media users are taking over. When it comes to social media marketing, we are now in the depths of the Age of the Consumer. Social media trends 2022 will see plenty of change, but more so a reshaping of the trends we saw in 2021.

As much as we would like to leave the pandemic behind us, there is no denying that it was the sole cause of consumers taking charge. With aspects such as hybrid working transforming the way we consume media, the digital connection is changing. To get your brand seen and heard in 2022, you need to offer a better experience overall, including personalisation, improved customer service and a powerful voice.

Micro-influencers are back

2021 saw plenty of controversy surrounding the influencer world. In 2022, we have not seen the last of cancel culture. With many social media stars losing their trust due to concerns such as unethical posts resurfacing, unpopular opinions or unprofessional behaviour, brands are struggling to see the benefits of investing in influencer marketing that was once obvious before.

After a whirlwind of two years, consumers want to go back to basics. Before influencers received exclusive invites to the famous Met Gala, they were chatting to a camera in a one-bedroom flat in their quaint hometown. The main reason influencers ever saw success beforehand was their infatuating ability to be relatable. Without the opportunity to feel connected to an influencer, consumers are no longer as interested in what they have to say.

Micro-influencers seem to be making a reappearance and putting the world to rights. Micro-influencers have a significant following, perhaps a few thousand people, and focus on promoting a specific selling point. The rise in popularity of micro-influencers is due to their authenticity and genuine nature. Companies will often send these influencers free products in return for promotion to their smaller yet more relevant platform.

Social e-commerce

Remember when we were not allowed to browse the shopping centres in 2020? Online shopping has seen incredible growth since then. Social media platforms are keeping everything in one place in 2022. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have introduced new shopping features such as Facebook business shops and product tags on Instagram to allow consumers to purchase directly on the social platform.

As a business selling products on social media platforms, you might want to consider incorporating the new features within your page – this will show your customers that their shopping experience is at the forefront of your mind. You want them to purchase products with ease to guarantee their return. Consumers prefer fewer clicks to get their desired results.

TikTok transformation

TikTok has supplied a lot of laughs for users of all ages since its uproar in 2019. According to a study conducted by Cisco, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video content. As we mentioned previously in our ‘Content Marketing Trends 2022’ article, the rise in TikTok has changed the way we indulge in content.

It is no longer a matter of the amount of free time someone has to consume content, it is all about their attention span. With TikTok videos giving us seconds of satisfaction, other forms of video content on social media such as Instagram Stories will have to follow suit to gain any attraction.

Taking control of customer service

Social media has grown far away from just sharing snippets of your life. The way people utilise social media and its features have advanced dramatically. There was once a time when businesses did not exist on social media. In 2022, consumers are expecting full service on social media alone.

The connection will begin with queries and end with resolution – all in one place. Customer service has become a regular occurrence on social media platforms, and many brands have experienced the benefits of utilising social media as a retail platform.

Consumers desire to reach out to brands on social media and receive a response within a reasonable period. Brands are now creating dedicated customer service social media profiles to answer every customer query they receive.

User-generated content conquers

User-generated content has been well consumed for a while now, and over time, it has become a huge part of the success of brand marketing campaigns. User-generated images have 81% more chance of being converted. It is a way of advertising your product (the proof is in the pudding) without having to put any money forward. USG is far more authentic than branded content and will encourage new customers to believe in your offering as much as your current consumers do.

Augmented reality is creeping in

In recent years, social media platforms have introduced augmented reality to create more of an engaging experience online. Augmented filters are everywhere, including Snapchat, Instagram and even on Facebook’s video calling feature. It is exciting to see how 2022 introduces more elements of augmented reality into the social media world and how virtual reality will also play a part.

Personalisation is getting more personal

Personalisation has been on our minds for years now, but as data progresses so do our opportunities to present a more personalised approach to our consumers. The difficulty in taking a personalised approach on social media is the struggle to speak to different audiences at once.

Despite this, taking advantage of social media advertising, where you can target as many segments as you like, is the best foot forward. Social media platforms now offer more advanced targeting with customisable options for marketers to refine their ads.

Just take a look at TikTok, Facebook or Instagram – if you show a hint of interest by interacting with an advertisement, others mentioning the same product or selling point will soon appear on your feed.

Social media trends 2022 seem to feature older trends reapproaching the market in newer, fresher ways. If you can keep up with the changes, you will have a successful social media platform that speaks to the masses.

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