Web content has taken a dramatic shift in the past few years, long gone are the days where we’re expected to read pages and pages of text on websites to describe a product or explain something.

What we now see is information being delivered and absorbed in much more visual and fun ways such as videos, infographics and engaging imagery. Not to mention that fact that Google and other top search engines are favouring visual content even more, there has never been a better time to expand your marketing strategy across different mediums and engage with your audience across different levels.

Why visual content has become so popular

The Internet is becoming more and more convenient for it’s users, search results can be returned in less than seconds at any time of day and almost anywhere! Browsers can surf the net on the go with pocket-sized devices all over the world.

So when search results are returned, being bombarded with vast amounts of plain text and having to sift through it to get your answer is going to seem quite intimidating and could hinder the browsing experience. People are much more able to digest visual content than written content.

Viewing an image makes a lasting impression on a user’s long-term memory, distinguishing relationships between images and brands and products and thus creating a reputation.

The benefits of using video content in your marketing campaign

Trying to get your message across in writing can be difficult; your tone of voice can be out of sync with your readers, or perhaps even confusing when trying to explain something, particularly with anything that is tutorial based.

This is where video content is ideal; visually demonstrating whilst explaining something helps get a point across clearly without confusing your audience. Furthermore, imagery builds a rapport with viewers; users can get involved and interact with information that is stimulating such as a video.

Where written content is one-dimensional, it has no character or personality other than the personality that the reader assigns to it meaning you’re making less of an impression on your audience as they are creating their own perception of the content they are taking in. In a world where everything is becoming digital and automated, it’s quite refreshing to see ‘real’ people showing real emotions and body language through video engagement.

Once you’ve created your video, they can be quite good at marketing themselves almost. A video can easily be shared and reach audiences of vast numbers. Using platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo allow you to sign up for free and upload your video, you don’t need to pay for airtime or viewers you just let your audience watch at their convenience. Videos can be saved, downloaded and paused allowing content to be consumed conveniently.

At Rooster we have been incorporating video content as part of our client’s marketing strategies for some time now. Our creative team based in our Winchester office created the following green screen video for Sodexo’s Money Boost which explains how the system works and it’s benefits in a friendly and easy to understand manner.

The image below shows a still from a video that our team here at Rooster Marketing designed, animated and produced for i2O Water. This videos explains to it’s viewers the services that i2O Water have to offer in a way that is interesting, manageable and easily digestible without overwhelming the viewer. You can watch the video here.

Infographics and their benefits

Statistics and data can be rather overwhelming to consume and understand. Introducing the infographic!

Simply meaning information shown in the form of a graphic – infographics have really increased in popularity over the last few years.

They have the ability to show otherwise complex data in an easy to digest format. A graph or diagram can be a fun and colourful way to show numbers, volumes and results allowing users to see data very quickly without the need to dissect the details themselves. With our clients at Rooster we try and keep our marketing strategies as varied as possible so as to reach a wider audience.

We have created several infographics that cover a number of subjects. We have our very own in-house design team that will work with you and our marketing team to produce a fun and useful infographic. Come and see us at our office in Winchester or give us a call to find out more.