3D animation can also be used to bring a concept to life by giving structure to something that hasn’t yet physically materialised.

McCarthy and Stone have are the UK’s leading retirement housebuilder. As a result, we decided that hyper-realistic animations and CGIs would be the best medium to work with. This is because they are selling homes, that perhaps may not yet be completed. And so, with a hyper-realistic animation and fly-through, their prospective customers are allowed to truly visualise what it is they would be investing in and to get a real feel for the property, its views, and the surrounding area.

For McCarthy and Stone, this video – and similar ones – have allowed them to speed up the selling process. They no longer have to wait for building developments to be completed to show potential buyers around. As a result, ROI has vastly increased.

3D animation is ideal for breaking down tricky processes and technologies.

Bowman Power design and manufacture energy efficiency technology for gas and diesel gensets. As these are very difficult systems to understand – unless you’re an expert – we delivered a hyper-realistic 3D animation to better explain Electric Turbo Compounding Technology (ETC).

What we have achieved here is to show the workings of ETC technology in a way that video simply could not. Animation, not being restricted by reality and physical boundaries, opens a whole new world and new opportunities for marketers to demonstrate products.
A 3D animation allows products and services to be communicated in the clearest way possible. Cartoons, gifs, and games are the most common daily examples.

However, there are far more ways that 3D animation can be used, and it is this versatility that makes it one of the most useful weapons in a marketers arsenal.

This is because, in its very nature, animation offers a solution to marketers that text and video cannot. It allows you to sell, tell, train AND explain all at the same time. Being able to do all four of these at once creates a user experience that is wholly unrivalled compared to those when each is undertaken in isolation.

Why Use 3D Animation in the First Place?

1. To GRAB attention!

211 million content items are created every internet minute. Consequently, today, marketers, individuals and businesses each need to find a way to stand out from the crowd, not only in terms of consumers but for Google too.

By utilising animation on your blog or website, it is likely that you will see a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine result pages (SERPs). And by having animations on landing pages there is a 53% higher chance of showing up on page 1 of SERPs.

2. To keep audiences engaged

Animations tell a story by bringing your concepts and ideas to life. Where video production can be limited by reality, an animation is not. The sky no longer is the limit, making animations perfect for creatives to really spark the imagination of their viewers.

3. To ensure you communicate quickly and concisely

As opposed to expecting people to read complex explanations via reams and reams of copy, instead sit them in front of an engaging 2-minute animation. Not only will they understand your service and offering better, but you can be sure of them actually taking in the information as, once playing, videos are much harder to ignore.

Following, view counts are a much more realistic value to analyse if your content has been engaged with than say pageviews for analysing the engagement with text.

4. To give understanding

An animation is essentially a diagram in motion, and one that, when executed well, can use pleasing simplicity to transform even the most intangible services and complex technologies into usable information that everyone can understand. This is because, where video production is limited by reality, an animation is not.

Thus, easy to follow metaphors can be used, as can ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘under the hood’ styles to explain a technology or system’s processes. This can be very useful when explaining industry offerings in technology & IT, banking & finance, manufacturing and healthcare worlds.

5. Deliver a lasting impression

Due to their makeup, animations can’t help but make an impression. Being a multi-sensory experience; text backed up with images, colours, actions and sounds, they automatically engage the brain on a cognitive level that words and images cannot. As a result, video viewers retain 95% of a message, where a reader only retains 10% of text.

Similarly, animations age better than video and so it is easier to create a higher quality animation on a smaller budget with an ROI that will last longer than a high-quality video on a small budget.

Explaining Complex Products or Services with 3D Animation – Rooster’s Top Case Studies

3D Animation at Rooster Marketing

Here at Rooster, we handle every part of the animation production process: from conception and storyboarding, to creation and delivery. This ensures your production exactly captures your brand, business goals and messaging.

All the animations we produce are completely tailored to you and your business. Here at Rooster, we can work to meet a variety of budgets, deadlines, platforms, and objectives.

Once produced, we can integrate your animation into your marketing strategy so that it achieves its goals, giving you the best value for money and ROI possible.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch or view our 3D animation & CGI service here.