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3D Animation and CGI Video

Show, describe and demonstrate your products and services to your consumers simultaneously with stunning 3D animation and CGI.

3D Animation and CGI at Rooster

At Rooster, we handle every part of the animation production process, from conception and storyboarding, to creation and delivery. This ensures your production exactly captures your brand, messaging and overall marketing goals.

We have an expert production team who are on hand to create engaging, memorable and impactful aminations for you, your business and your brand. We can help design a comprehensive content strategy for omnichannel use, allowing you to take advantage of the vast amount of search traffic available on YouTube.

Once we have produced your animation, we can integrate it into your marketing mix as a full-service agency so that it achieves its goals, giving you the best value for money and ROI possible.

What is 3D Animation and CGI Video?

An animation is when movement is created by displaying a series of frames. The most thought of example of animation is that of cartoons.

Animation allows you to show off, explain and demonstrate your offering all at once. Animation allows products and services to be communicated in the clearest way possible. They can turn even the most complex technologies into usable information that everyone can understand.

Types of 3D Animation

Animation can range from the likes of Wallace and Gromit to hyper-realistic works like that seen in Avatar and everything else in-between. However, there are three types in particular that seem to stick out and prove to be of the most use for businesses and marketers alike.

2D Vector Based Animation

2D animations create scenes in flat environments. Often seen as the more traditional strain of animation, its objects can move two-dimensionally; up, down, left and right. They are however unable to move away or toward the viewer as is the case with 3D animation.

3D Animation

3D animation, or as it is sometimes referred as 3D CGI, utilised computer generated image to create complex animated scenes. Unlike 2D animation which is very much restricted, 3D animation and CGI is pretty much limitless. It can range from comical caricature scenes to photo-realistic CGI which – as the name suggests – it as real as a photograph!

Graphic Overlays

The combination of raw video and subtle animation is particularly effective. Graphic overlay animations add value by allowing information to be processed through familiar physical environments that the viewer can relate and empathise with.


The Value of 3D Animation and CGI

Animations offer fantastic opportunities to improve conversion rates, click-through rates, audience reach, SEO rankings, social media’s potential and ultimately offer an improved return on investment, ROI.This is because when compared to plain text, they have a 41% higher click-through rate and a 70% higher conversion rate. Additionally, on average animations are shared 12,000 times more on social media and viewers spend 100% more time on pages with video.

Clearly, animations are effective. But why? Here are six of the most important reasons:

  • More of your content reaches your consumer.
  • Animations communicate more content in a shorter space of time.
  • Animations can depict scenes cameras cannot.
  • Animation allows you to change and adapt without reshooting, they have longevity.
  • Animations are easy to understand and highly engaging.
  • You can mould animations to completely match with your brand.
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