Our digital marketing agency in London is the perfect spot to showcase our wins, ongoing progress as a company and establishing our brand in the London market. We do all of this whilst working hard to generate results for our varied client base.


why London was the next best step 


With London standing tall as one of the greatest startup havens in the UK, (if not the world), to set up a business, Rooster is thriving after expanding the company and opening a fresh and creative office in the capital. According to UK Parliament Research Briefings, over a third of UK businesses are in London (2.1 million) and the largest number of business births occurred here too (99,545). 


As expected, the city has the biggest population in the UK, and the second-highest in Europe, meaning there are so many potential clients we can provide our fantastic, transformative marketing services to. 

There is a certain level of prominence in the city that adds so much excitement and anticipation to work here. In the world of advanced technology and ever so speedy internet, a business can start anywhere. London has a renowned reputation for setting trends and being the first to have anything exciting and new. Just take a look at the American food chains like Taco Bell and Shake shack, when they expanded to the UK, you bet that they started in London first.


the home of global headquarters 


The successful reputation of global giants sets the tone for the rest of the industries out there. Businesses from across the world purchase virtual London offices so they can display a London address and even pay for the infamous ‘’020’’ telephone number. We are thrilled and motivated to have the opportunity to experience and work in such transformative areas as London and Manchester


The location’s diverse talent pool has already won Rooster plenty of great, exciting work to get on with, and we have already picked up some inspiring projects in branding, web and performance marketing, with new clients in challenging sectors since we opened our doors in September last year. 


fresh, local content tailored to you 


Rooster can support any business, but if you’re based in London, there is plenty of helpful news and insights to come over on our insights page such as our previous article  ‘How to effectively run a local Google ads campaign in London.’’ Keep an eye out for future local-themed content to help support your business. 


Our Covent Garden office is our central hub of operations, a stone’s throw from Leicester Square tube station. It’s a vibrant space to draw energy from – the perfect place to meet and plan a project.

If you’re looking to work with a digital marketing agency in London that goes above and beyond to establish your brand, get in touch with the Rooster Marketing London team today on 020 3621 6644 or drop a message to [email protected] to get started.