As TikTok continues to thrive in the social space as one of the world’s fastest-growing entertainment apps, Shopify have extended their partnership with the prospering brand to create a whole new offering in social commerce for 2022. With likeness to Instagram Shopping, the option that allows you to link products on posts, TikTok now lets users use a Shopify integration to do the same.

2020 saw the first collaboration – enabling businesses to run TikTok ads via their Shopify dashboard. The latest agreement means that TikTok shopping is now running for select Shopify users across the US, UK and Canada. TikTok for business accounts can also add a shopping tab to their profile synced with their Shopify store that links straight to checkout.

Why TikTok is different to other social commerce platforms

When social media first came to light, there were no advertisements within sight. A social media platform without brands trying to sell their products or promote services is almost strange to think about in a world where you can’t swipe without viewing an advert created to suit your preferences.

In recent years, it is safe to say that YouTube is no longer simply a video streaming service, Twitter isn’t just a source for news, and Instagram doesn’t just stop as a place to share snippets of our personal lives.

While TikTok has now begun to utilise advertising, the platform certainly doesn’t have to put the work in or force anything unnatural. Plenty of products that have been around for years have been subject to the wonders of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, a trend that causes products to sell out after the right video promoting it goes viral. The app might be testing the waters by introducing advertisements and influencers, but it still feels like a fun, unprofessional environment that all audiences can enjoy.

Since the Shopify partnership launched last summer, the social media app stated that its users are 1.7 times more likely to purchase TikTok than those of its competitors.

How brands will benefit from the partnership

The partnership between Shopify and TikTok encourages creators to build a strong community where they can identify the fundamental values of their different audiences. Brands now have to potential to be more authentic and personal with their audience without any hard selling or forced opinions.

The TikTok algorithm is like no other. Brands have the chance to get their videos out in the viral world just by chance. One video promoting products could blow up overnight for no real reason at all. It’s exciting to see what works and what doesn’t because no one really knows the depths of the algorithm just yet.

How creators will benefit from the partnership

The TikTok and Shopify collaboration will encourage creators to think more intentionally about using the platform. TikTok can offer another commercial outlet while building a respectable community and establishing a key audience.

Shopify is the first commerce platform to introduce shopping tabs and product discovery to the video app. This creates an opportunity for the platform to grow beyond a source for entertainment, but rather a place where brands and creators can promote and sell products naturally – all while connecting with consumers on a personal level.

For creators to get the most out of the partnership, TikTok will need to introduce features such as ‘swipe up’ buttons like Instagram to use within the app. TikTok shopping now allows creators to add a shopping tab to their TikTok profile while also giving them the ability to tag products in organic content. The shopping tab allows users to browse and purchase from a store without leaving the app.

How to create a successful TikTok shop

After creating a business account and setting up TikTok shopping, here are a few tips to consider to be successful.

Spread the word

Make sure you spread the word and let your followers know about the new shopping feature on your account. You can do this by creating a few TikToks that intrigue them to find out more! Don’t wait for your followers to find out on their own, lead the way.

Promote products

While you might focus on other selling points in your marketing plan, TikTok shopping offers the opportunity to promote your products in a way that isn’t forced on potential consumers but encouraged through humour and casual videos. Keep in mind to mention your products here and there.

Work with influencers

Partnering with popular TikTok influencers will help brands become a part of the TikTok phenomenon that many struggle to understand. If you are unfamiliar with the platform, chances are you might miss the inside jokes and little quirks that come with being a regular user. Influencers will have the ability to jump on trends with ease while authentically promoting your product in the process.

Stay ahead of the curve. TikTok can help brands grow their business to greater heights, especially now that Shopify makes it a much easier process. Get in touch with us today to read more about how we can help with your social media marketing.