Understanding and Acting On Analytics and Digital Marketing Reports

Most people who come to me for help come armed with 1 months worth of analytics reports (if we are lucky), ranking reports, overviews, AdWords reports, social media reports, link reports blah, blah, blah. Normally they contain lovely pie charts, zig-zagged lines up and down, green arrows, red arrows, pages of keywords, bounce rates, maybe even what your web developer had for dinner last night. With pages and pages of reports, you are getting your money’s worth right? WRONG.

What I always ask is do you truly understand these reports, what have you learnt from them, did you act on anything you learnt from them, how much did these reports cost you in time and money and if you did learn anything did it increase your ROI?

Analytics and Understanding Return on Investment

Almost everything we do at Rooster Marketing is related to your bottom line and increasing it is the end game to all our marketing activities. If through understanding all these reports (which usually have an associated cost) increased your ROI, then happy days. If not, then you might as well of not had the reports in the first place, switched off your website, stuck a sandwich board over your shoulders and walked up and down the nearest high street because this will generate more business for you and a higher return on investment.

Online Marketing

Online marketing for marketing professionals is not “high tech” or a “black art”, it is now a normal everyday marketing activity, is simple, a normal way of our working lives. Our job is helping marketing professionals to simply understand these reports and act on all the factual information available. Marketing professionals have enough to do to get results in their working day and often it is their job to bring all the marketing activities together to function as one. The pressure is on for them/you to perform and the weight of knowing a companies future hangs on their performance at times can be suffocating.

Make this the day to come up for air. You need to be able to go to bed at night knowing that this is the way we are going to move forward and these are the factual reasons why.

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Posted by Chris Tyler-Smith on 06 Dec 2012