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Drive immediate, relevant and great quality traffic to your website with PPC advertising.

Roosters Approach to PPC Advertising

If you are spending a lot per click, there is a chance that you still may not rank 1st; there is something called a quality score that can impact your ranking: The higher your quality score, even if your competitors are paying more per click, you will appear higher. This is why pay per click campaign management is essential.

Managing a single pay per click campaign can be a monumentos task in itself. It requires time, resource and money. And, if the person managing the campaign does not understand the bidding system, it can potentially cost you even more.

At Rooster, we set-up, manage and adjust successful PPC campaigns that focus on the needs of your business.

A successful pay per click campaign is all down to continuous management and monitoring. This includes bid adjustments, search query research and that all important keyword research.

Our PPC campaign management is a collaborative process. A dedicated account team will work to create, optimise and continuously improve your campaigns. We research, build and manage pay-per-click campaigns. Ours are designed to drive immediate, relevant traffic to websites. Pay per click often proves most effective after a new website’s’ launch whilst the performance of an organic SEO campaign starts to build.

We can create weekly or monthly custom reporting for all our pay per click campaigns to answer the questions that will be asked from the board about these activities. We can also supply these on demand.


What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click, or PPC, is pretty simple: Search engines allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results. These listings appear along with the natural, non-paid for search results.

The adverts are sold in an auction. You bid what you want to pay for a click on your advert. If you bid the most, you have a chance of ranking number 1. If someone clicks on your advert in the pay per click listing, they arrive at your website, and you are charged the amount you bid.

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Types of Pay Per Click Campaigns

Just like any other form of digital marketing and advertising, PPC campaigns can come in all shapes and sizes. The most common are listed below:

  • Search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Mobile app promotion
  • Video advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Shopping and product advertising


What PPC can do for your website

Pay per click advertising is a great way to get straight to the top of search engines, for the price you want and for however long you want. PPC really is so easy and very flexible: You only ever pay when someone actually clicks on your advert which improves your volume of visitors anyway, and you also can switch of any campaign in an instant.

PPC advertising has also been known to improve natural search engine rankings. This, in turn, improves overall traffic and click-through rates.

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