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The Brick Station

a touch of victorian class

Jon Williams

creating a stylish identity

As the main creative and marketing partner for property developer Bargate Homes, Rooster works on the marketing for multiple developments all at once. Each has its own tone of voice and identity – and when developing concepts for The Brick Station, we helped realise a Victorian railway theme, for a totally unique look.

The Brick Station development is based in the quaint English village of Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire – just a stone’s throw away from the South Downs. This unique collection of homes is built on the old railway line that served the old terracotta and brickworks – which is where the name came from.

As part of our design and creative, we researched the local area of Bishop’s Waltham, in particular the railway line. Our approach was based on Victorian-era train station signage. Armed with our research, we began creating a range of identities.

After offering up several options, Rooster and Bargate produced a traditional tiled logo stamp. We all agreed that this approach set the scene perfectly for the overall identity of the development.

Continuing the Victorian theme, our photography team went on location to Bishop’s Waltham, to capture the essence of the village and surrounding area. Our experience shows us that building a narrative within a brochure helps sell a location, and a lifestyle that potential buyers can picture themselves in.

using our photography

Back in the studio, the design team created layouts and a stylistic vista that we felt befitting of the area and the development. We presented Bargate with options, and then settled on one particular version which incorporated a tiling effect. After a few tweaks to the colour, we settled on a rich, rouge red, fir tree green and classic gold.

During the naming stage, we developed a series of names for each home. Every house type is named for a feature of English railways – and we had the idea of titling each plot with branded railway signs. These were rendered in excruciating detail by our CGI team.

By this stage, our photography had been edited. We had worked out a sequence of images to be used within the project, and edited each photograph to give it a stylish darkened effect – to fit with our Victorian theme. We had a mix of location, historic and internal shots – giving buyers a glimpse into the quality of a Bargate home.

copywriting and print

Our copywriting team crafted the messaging for the whole project – writing emotive copy that aligned perfectly with the imagery and the Victorian railway theme.

We partnered with a specialist printer to add another level of immersive quality to the brochure. We suggested having the cover printed with gold leaf and gloss laminated, to give the effect of shiny railway tiles and grouting.

1,000 brochures were printed and delivered to the delighted Bargate team – a tool that will help drive sales and maintain their standing as a leading local property developer.


The Brick Station brochure

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