10 Tips for a Successful B2B Social Media Campaign

1. Work out your objectives
Are your objectives to find business partners, investors, clients, employees, raise brand awareness, protect your reputation… hopefully all these things!

2. Dedicated, Educated Team
Don’t keep your social media to yourself or one office or department. Be generous and share it with them to let their individual expertise shine through. This will keep the content relevant and social.

3. Workflow
Have a clear workflow for your content starting from one central hub. This can take many forms depending on the size and complexities of your organisation. Usually it can fit nicely with an existing marketing workflow. That’s if you have one!

4. Structure
Who will be involved, what products or business areas will have campaigns, what social media channels will you be including, what countries and languages will you be working with. Think where you want your social media to be in 5 years time and work backwards. Start with a simple structure to start with and grow as you gain confidence.

5. Choose the Right Management Tool
This is one of the most important factors. It is the advancements of these tools, that has enabled social media campaigns to be successful for B2B businesses. Your chosen software needs to be right for you now and the future, have access to the most up to date data from all social media platforms and above all be easy to use.

Functionality to consider:
– Listen in on all relevant social media
– Alert you to hot topics and particular keywords
– Know the power of who is talking about you. Be able to measure their ‘Clout’
– Know where influencers are located in the world
– Measure competitor activity
– Allow colleagues to communicate with each other and share knowledge
– Notify of activity through email or text messaging 24/7
– Be able to schedule posts
– Have tiered permissions
– Being able to create detailed reports and drill down on specific data

6. Have Strict Access Levels
Who has access and at what level. Nobody in your organisation needs to have direct access to your social media accounts. Trusted administrators and your chosen management company will give access to the right people at the right level of access. This access can be taken away at the click of a button to prevent your accounts being stolen, hacked and abused. Your social media accounts in time, will have great value, you must protect them.

7. Protect your Reputation
Posting positive sentiment in times of crises had dilute negative sentiment. Be aware immediately of negative comments and plan a course of action.

8. Share Knowledge
Once certain scenarios or people have been dealt with share this knowledge with your team enabling them to have solutions at hand. This will speed up and make it easier to resolve these issues in the future and quicker to get in contact with the right people.

9. Keep it Fresh
Campaigns with old content are soon forgotten and your followers will leave in their droves. Utilise your management software to maximise use of your time and schedule your posts well in advance. This can be added to along the way with more current news as it happens.

10. Get started!

Posted by Chris Tyler-Smith on 02 Feb 2012