From AI to the ever-favourable video content, in this article, we discuss the highlights and trends to watch out for this year.

Retention over engagement

As apps continue to shift the way users receive content on their feeds, it’s getting harder to get in front of the right audiences. Engagement rates are declining, but paying attention and adhering to high retention rates will give you an idea of what content is of higher quality.

The retention rate is the amount of time viewers spend watching or reading your content. A low retention rate indicates a lack of interest, and a high retention rate highlights attentiveness. It’s all about being creative this year, starting with fun and lighthearted social media campaigns and articles.


Micro-influencers are the latest phenomenon to consider when promoting your product or service. Businesses are finding themselves leveraging micro-influencers to advertise campaigns and services.

With lower follower counts and dedicated networks, their audience tends to be a more refined and suited audience to your brand. Smaller communities will resonate with your selected influencers, making them more likely to purchase the product or service advertised.

User-generated content

Those who share thoughts and opinions in 2024 will naturally become brand advocates and a business’s greatest asset. With the growth of micro-influencers, user-generated content allows real people to give authenticity to a brand, which consumers seek before purchasing a product or service.

Social media in video and short-form

Ever since the pandemic, the digital marketing industry has witnessed a noteworthy transformation in how video marketing and short-form content have become more popular with time-poor generations across the globe.

Social media users are now more inclined to be enticed by visually engaging and quick-to-consume content. Platforms like TikTok have taken the world by storm, making waves as video grows into a powerful tool brands can utilise to build relationships with clients, providing a more impactful experience when delivering important messaging.

Be it storytelling, helpful tutorials or product demonstrations, videos are the best way to convey information in an easy-to-digest manner. Most consumers will barely get through a 15-second clip, so bite-size content is the way forward when vlogging and the quickest method to get results.

Automated ad campaigns

Automation and optimisation are crucial in 2024. Automation decreases the need for management, reducing costs and allowing the experts to focus on the strategy elements of ads.

Optimisation improves conversions and works to reduce the cost per click. This year, campaign automation and optimisation, with help from machine learning and artificial intelligence, will work in your favour.

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