What’s better than a corporate video? An animated corporate video of course!

We all know that video content for corporate video marketing is one of the most valuable pieces of content that can be created. There are loads of stats out there about how corporate video content is taking over the world and I won’t bore you with this. What I would ask is; are you watching more corporate videos in your day-to-day role? The answer is probably yes, and the chances are each year you will watch and share even more.

We all love an infographic, make it move a little and we will love it even more! We create loads of amazing corporate animations for our clients and when delivered, each client bubbles with excitement, making the kind of noises I normally only hear at the local annual firework display from the easily impressed crowd. I jest, but the truth is, an animation can make something complicated seem so simple. Just watch a couple of our animations, and very quickly you will get the offering:

Although an animation can seem costly, we do not create anything for our clients that isn’t versatile enough to be used across several mediums. A single animation can be used at exhibitions, social sharing, on a website, in a reception, pitches, presentations, it’s endless.

So what’s the problem with animations you ask? For many there is nothing wrong with a pure animation and it is the perfect solution for many situations. For a few, the problem is they can lack emotion and personality. If you are a company that promotes your character and individuals, then this has to come across in your marketing material. An emotional hook can be crucial to engage with some audiences and this is where the combination of video for the emotion, combined with animation for the technical detail or factual information can be the perfect mix. An example of an animated corporate video we have created is here:

Animation can also, on occasions, eliminate the need for a voice-over, meaning the video can be watched and easily understood without sound if necessary.

So if you have an idea for an Animated Corporate Video or would like to get together with Rooster to create some ideas for you, please get in touch.