5 New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketing

market research for schools

Market Research for Schools

Mobile UI

The Underestimated Power Of UI In Mobile App Design

We pushed Plane Finder’s Mobile App Design from our in-depth exploration and discovery into the wants and needs of their users.

Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation for a Website

Here are some activities that will help you with audience segmentation, a crucial aspect of search marketing and website configuration that defines your audiences and...

Black Friday interview

What Do Consumers Really Think About Black Friday?

What are people buying and which shops are they heading to on Black Friday? We carried out Vox Pop interviews in Southampton City Centre, to find out what people really think - and where they'll be...

Black Friday shopping

[Infographic] Black Friday UK 2017: Trends, Tips & Statistics

Here's our round-up of some of the top Black Friday UK 2017 trends, tips and statistics.

Wordpress CMS Secure

How to Prevent Your WordPress Site From Being Hacked

WordPress powers over 26.5% of all websites. Despite this, the platform is often heavily scrutinised for being insecure, but usually with little or no evidence to support these claims.

Focus Group

How to Use a Focus Group to Drive Your Business Forward

A focus group allows businesses to directly engage with their customers or other stakeholders and is one of our most popular research methods.

Google Voice Search 2017

OK, Google: Help me with Voice Search Optimisation

It has been predicted that 50% of all searches will be conducted with voice or through images in 2020.

Winchester High Street 2017

Market Research: Shopping in Winchester

Find out what people really think of the shops, restaurants and cafes in Winchester. What's missing? What's there too much of?

Halloween Ads

Scarily Good Halloween Ads: Six of the Spookiest


Brand Refresh Vs. Full Rebrand – Which is right for you?

a weak brand

How to Spot a Weak Brand

Creating a strong brand isn't simple. As a result, many businesses settle for a weak brand. Here is how to spot if you have a weak brand and how to fix it.

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