Standing in the way of an audience is a sure fire way of switching them off immediately, and will likely result in them steering clear. If you’re walking down a high street and someone with a clipboard gets in your path, the next day you’ll change your route or plan excuses well in advance to avoid them.

You want to sell your products or services only to the people who need you or have a problem you can solve, but they don’t know the solution exists. If they chose to come to you rather than being told they have to, you’re half way there. All of our audiences are more savvy than ever before.

We all do our own research, learn at an alarming rate and make bigger decisions than ever, sometimes without asking for professional face to face advice. An afternoon at the shops is becoming a “day out”. You rarely go to a shop or business to research a product or service, you go well armed with information learnt online and take a direct route to what you want.

We are powerful, we are educated, we make our own decisions. Or we think we do anyway!

A client recently said to me “your job is to deceive people to think they need us.”

No! That is certainly not the case for any business. If we did this we would get you a huge audience but with little or no conversion which is a complete waste of time and money.

Our job is to clearly give people exactly what they are looking for. Give an exact audience an exact solution and the only way you can do this is to identify precisely all of your audiences and the outcomes they want and need.

You can also define the audiences you don’t want, which again gives clarity to your marketing activities. We like to undertake an Audience and Outcomes Exercise with all our clients. This helps to ensure prospects take the detour to come to you, or better still, stop on a natural path to listen to your message.

Defining your audience as accurately as possible is crucial to save you time, money and to improve the results of any marketing activity. Our exercise always uncovers new audiences, and is a great way to get buy in from your internal teams. This gives you sound information to refer to in the future before targeting any of your audiences.

Of all the services we provide this has to be one of the most important ones we offer and is also lots of fun! If you would like to know more about our Audience and Outcomes Exercise please get in touch.