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digital marketing at rooster

From lost in search to found in search – with PPC, SEO and content marketing.

Digital or performance marketing makes up the core of our digital services. We’re experts in driving the right traffic to your website, helping you increase your conversion rates from paid advertising and organic search.

Other marketing agencies might increase your traffic tenfold – but we’re focused on winning your ideal customer.

Lots of traffic might be good enough for some. For us, it only counts if they convert.

So, if you feel like you’re not tapping into the right audience with your online marketing, talk to us. Let’s get your performance marketing performing again.

how rooster does it

At Rooster, we have been doing digital advertising for a long time. We know that every client has different priorities. Whether you are knowledgeable but want to outsource some of your work to a capable team, or are looking for someone to take the reigns and help push your business forward – we can help you. We deliver search engine marketing campaigns that make a difference to your business.

Get all the benefits of working with a dedicated digital marketing team. We’re highly skilled in the area we specialise in because we can dedicate 100% of our time to it.

We offer a wide range of performance marketing services including:

  • PPC campaign creation
  • PPC management and optimisation
  • Social media campaign creation
  • Social media management and optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • Content SEO


Your customers are looking for you. Our SEO method takes research to a new level, before combining technical SEO and content-led SEO into a winning formula. On the technical side, we perform a deep dive into your website to highlight any and all performance issues. We create a priority list of achievable actions that will have impact, and pass them over to our development team to fix.

For good SEO, a steady website is the easy part. The hard part is giving users the content they’re looking for, by researching and matching their intent. Great content is completely subjective – but content for SEO can be made with a scientific approach. Our clients range from £3bn turnover giants through to niche start-ups. With a combination of effective SEO copywriting, strategic blogging and content-driven link building, we can move any business higher in search engine rankings.

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Agency Analytics
Agency Analytics
Agency Analytics


PPC is rocket fuel for search engine marketing. Achieve results almost instantly, by serving ads in prominent positions on the most visited search engines in the world. Our team has worked with Google Ads since it started in 2000 – and we’ve learned a thing or two in that time.

Impressions count – but conversions rule. Smart campaign management makes the difference between promoting your brand and converting customers. We squeeze every possible return out of your spend by running a high-yield, precision-targeted campaign. All of our campaigns are closely monitored, improved and tested, to ensure peak performance. We research, create, deploy, report – and repeat – to build mature, expert-level accounts that continue to achieve their goals.

Google Ads

content marketing

Your content marketing agency could charge thousands for a video, or an interactive piece, or a huge survey – only for you to find that when it comes to promoting that content, it flops. It’s a bitter pill to swallow after all the money you’ve put in. You might get a few retweets, the odd Facebook like – maybe even a link. But there’s no return on your investment. It hasn’t done what you needed it to.

The truth is: nobody ever wanted that content in the first place.

Just because your content marketing agency or even your boss thinks it’s a great idea, doesn’t make it so.

If more time was spent researching your audience and finding out what they really want, your content would have been easier to pitch, or more widely consumed – it would have been overwhelmingly more likely to succeed. Our agency does content marketing the way we do everything; we take time to research as deeply as possible before making a single move. We see what’s out there. We see if anyone wants more of it. We figure out who we’ll need to pitch it to.

We get the facts and do the science.

That gives artistry a direction and a purpose, beyond wild creativity.

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