E-commerce Website Design for Last Shoe

It’s been a busy few months here at the Rooster HQ in Winchester, and we’ve been working hard on a number of website designs and bespoke development projects for our lovely clients.

We’re particularly excited to announce the imminent launch of a brand new E-commerce website design for online fashion retailer, Last Shoe.

We like shoes at Rooster, so naturally this project was exciting from the word go!

The brief

When online retailer Last Shoe came to Rooster for a bespoke e-commerce website design & build, we were intrigued by their unique business model.

Last Shoe benefits everyone in the supply chain, particularly the customer who can browse an entire website of quality branded discount shoes. Discounting is made possible by cancelled orders from high street stores, usually due to redundant stock, excess leather or rejected orders.

A large, product-centric e-commerce website was needed to meet the overwhelming demand of Last Shoe’s loyal customer base, because let’s face it – most of us can’t resist a bargain!

E-commerce website design

After the initial content strategy and research, we started planning the website structure, adhering to best-practice search engine optimisation (SEO) and user experience (UX) design.

Once the initial consultancy phase was complete, we moved into the early stages of development and began drafting sitemaps and wireframes. E-commerce websites are notoriously complex, and our experienced team of developers quickly identified the primary features of this bespoke retail solution.

After an intense programme of design meetings, conference calls and email threads, our digital development team sprung into action to refine the website’s look and feel.

Our photography team planned and executed the all-important product shoot, which resulted in a large collection of shoes in the Rooster design studio!

The results

The exciting (and equally time consuming) part was uploading the content; e-commerce website design really comes to life once it’s filled with crisp, high-res product images:

Fashio ecommerce website


The homepage needed to convey a marketing message in an attractive format, consistent with modern e-commerce design trends:


Fashio ecommerce site

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about e-commerce website design or you would like to discuss an upcoming project, why not join us at the next Rooster Breakfast Club?

Posted by Nikki Osborne on 13 Jun 2014