Step 4: Try new angles

When taking a photo on your phone, your instant urge is to hold the device at eye-level. Everyone else does this too, but you don’t need to always play it safe.

Taking a photo from a different vantage point can give the image a whole different perspective.

Top tip: Try shooting a photo above or below the object – even try crouching on the ground or standing on a platform.

Step 3: Remember the rule of thirds

It sounds technical, but once you get your head around the concept it all makes sense.

Think of your image as a 3×3 grid. Aligning the main subject of your image centrally can draw instant attention to the shot – especially if the background isn’t too appealing.

Top tip: In camera settings, you can turn on gridlines.

Instagram is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools out there – as it’s completely free to use. The social media networking site can be a great platform in promoting the brand identity and personality of a business – no matter what it may be.

If you are too familiar with the phrase ‘we don’t have the resources’, then it’s time to rethink strategy and work with the resources you do have.

Promoting your business visually does not need to be pricey, nor does it need to be time-consuming or hard work. Using imagery and videos to show off your company’s assets can significantly increase audience engagement and digital presence – and is a technique that should not be ignored.

Why use a smartphone for photography?

In this day and age it’s highly unlikely that not one person in the workplace will own a smartphone – unless they’re really passionate about playing Snake and refused to give up their first mobile phone.

But if that’s the case, then it’s best to avoid using any old devices to avoid seeing grainy, blurry and low-quality results.

But if you, or a colleague, has an iPhone then why aren’t you using it?

iPhone photography can produce some incredible results – and the best thing is, it’s always in your pocket, ready to go.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you capture your own incredible images, to help promote your business on Instagram.

How to take good Instagram photos

Learning how to take professional photos without a high-tech, and expensive, camera is easy really. You just need to understand the basics and remember these simple rules.

Step 1: Natural lighting is key

Lighting is essential to capturing an effective photo. If you’re shooting indoors, then it’s best to take photos near windows or in well-lit rooms.

At night, try to find sources of ambient light, like street lights.

Top Tip: Avoid using the camera flash.

Step 2: Choose the time of day wisely

Think about what time to take a picture, and also what time to post the photo on Instagram.

If you’re planning on taking a photo in a public location but don’t want to capture the hustle and bustle then avoid shooting at a busy time.

If you’re shooting outside during the day, try to capture your image under cloud cover – to diffuse direct sunlight for a more flattering effect.

Top Tip: Post content at the most suitable time for your target audience. Are they likely to browse their Instagram feed during work, at lunch-time, or in the evening?

Step 5: Frame your photo subject

iPhones take great quality pictures – but the zoom feature is not even close to the standard of a professional camera.

Instead of zooming into the focal point of a picture (which is actually just cropping the image down), include the background as framing. This technique can add more visual interest and capture otherwise missed details.

Top tip: Tap the subject of your image for your camera to focus on the particular point.

Step 6: Use Instagram’s editing tools

You really don’t need to be an editing buff to use Instagram’s editing tools. The platform is easy to use and lets you crop, brighten, filter and add sharpness.

Top tip: Tap the image to compare a filter’s effects to the original photo.

Image ideas for your next Instagram post


Bold, bright and quirky patterns pop out of the screen.


Using symmetry in a picture can instantly draw eyes to the subject of the photo.


Use imagery to capture the personality of your business and make your audience smile.

Top tip: Make the most of captions for extra chuckles.

Candid action

Capturing your subject in action may take a few shots to get right – but when you do, it looks great. This technique encourages your audience to use their imagination to set the scene.

Top tip: Blurred movement adds a creative touch.

Detail Shots

It is important to note that not all images need to show the full size of products – sometimes the smallest details are the most interesting and attention-grabbing.

Taking your photo at a close distance helps capture a sharp focus of the intricate detail and intrigues the viewer. These close-ups bring calmness to a feed of busy dynamic pictures.

Top tip: Use Instagram’s vignette tool to dim the edges of the photo, or use tilt shift to create softness around the focal point.

Captivating backgrounds

Be selective with your photoshoot setting. The background of a picture can make all the difference in enhancing creativity, mood and complementing the main subject.


Everyone loves animals – and the internet is the most popular place for adorable pet photos. If you have a cute animal at your disposal, it would be ludicrous not to star them.


#foodporn has become one of the main reasons people scroll through Instagram for hours.

The secret to excellent food photography? Taking the photo from directly above, making the most of the surrounding location and using natural light.


We like humans too! Photos of people are essential to your Instagram feeds – and they’re the best way to share the friendliness and personality of a business. Images that display happiness, smiling faces and teamwork are relatable and uplifting.

The same rules apply – use natural light, choose an appealing background and explore different angles.

Top tip: Some smartphones offer a portrait mode, which optimises lighting and focus of head shots.

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