Here is the next Industry Insight from Daniel Hughes, Head of Marketing at Aspire Pharma. It’s great to hear how the Aspire Pharma team are reacting quickly to support the Healthcare industry during COVID-19. We hope this insight helps others understand exactly what is happening in the pharmaceutical sector.

Industry Insights from: Daniel Hughes
Company: Aspire Pharma
Position: Head of Marketing

Q1. Are you still operational as a business and is this currently normal in your sector?


Q2. If still working how have you had to adapt your business to keep working?

The office is closed and the entire business is now working remotely. Our hospital only sales force has been furloughed, however all other sales forces that split time between remote contact and F2F visits, are still working.

Q3. What’s the biggest negative impact COVID-19 has had on your industry so far?

Supply chain issues and negative impact on conventional sales models.

Q4. Have you found any new business opportunities during COVID-19 for your industry or any positives that have come from this situation?

Positives have been the feedback that our service teams and operations are receiving. During times such as these, the extra level of care and attention secures long term loyalty vs competitors. This is also true of our ability to react quickly in order to support Hospital services and move them into the community, while not increasing footfall and demand on primary care services (GPs and community pharmacy) that are already stretched.

Q5. How are you supporting your clients out of the ordinary during COVID-19?

Assisting home deliveries from hospitals to patients where needed, providing online and telephone support for patients, self-help tutorials, providing guidance on how to continue treatments etc..

Q6. What’s the most important thing that COVID-19 has taught you so far in your industry?

From adversity comes opportunity.

Q7. Would you say that currently during COVID-19 your industry is on a decline, plateau or incline and what makes you think this?

Most companies are seeing a sight downturn in the number of prescriptions and I am sure that there will be a few companies that will come out of this situation in precarious positions, or weaker than they went in. Fortunately, we are still growing and the nature of our business dictates that the risk (product use fluctuations) is very well spread across the portfolio.

Q8. If anything, what more do you think the government can do to support your industry?

So far, they are doing well to support faster applications, approvals and timelines. No complaints as yet.

Q9. If you are not already when do you think you will be back working from your office, will you have to adapt the way you work initially and if so how?

One would imagine not before the end of June. Some of our desks might need to be separated but generally, as an office, we are relatively fortunate with set up and space.

Q10. When do you think it will be “business as usual” again for your industry and what makes you think this?

I imagine things will fundamentally change and COVID will be used as the excuse to drive through a tighter control of the healthcare industry. More transparent pricing / greater restrictions on access to hospitals / less rep visits to name but three.. and as a commercial team, we need to adapt to these changing times. less F2F visits for patients with their GPs will mean less opportunities for reps to visit also, so piggybacking onto consultation software to run promotional sessions for a wider clinical group or practice, may therefore be the way forward.

Q11. What do you miss most during lockdown?

Peace, quiet and time to think (I have young children).

Q12. What’s the best tip you can give to others to help them cope with life in lockdown, both in business and personal life?

Business: Things will take longer than you planned for. Accept it and know everyone is in the same boat.

Personal: Cherish this time because rarely will you have the opportunity again to spend some much time with those you love.

Thank you to Daniel Hughes from Aspire Pharma for taking part in this survey. If you would like to give insights into your industry during COVID-19 to help other businesses please get in touch.