Here is the third of our series of insights during COVID-19 from David Goldsmith from Shorefield Holidays. Again its great to see a business that has very loyal customers and its good to see David is very positive about the future.

We hope this insight helps you understand what is actually happening in the UK Holidays sector rather than speculation, helping to get businesses back to normal as quickly as possible. Maybe time to book your UK holiday for this year!?

We aim to post a sector each day and invite any other business leaders to contact me to take part and keep businesses informed.

Industry Insights from: David Goldsmith
Company: Shorefield Holidays
Position: Group Head of Sales and Marketing

Q1. Are you still operational as a business and is this currently normal in your sector?

Our business is currently closed to customers, but we are still open for customers to book holidays and we are doing virtual tours to customers looking to purchase a holiday home which has been very popular.

Q2. If still working how have you had to adapt your business to keep working?

Our business has adapted to these changing times by giving key staff members the ability to work from home. Holiday home sales-wise the team have adapted by offering personalised videos to customers of the parks, holiday homes and plots.

Q3. What’s the biggest negative impact COVID-19 has had on your industry so far?

Having to shut our holiday parks to guests, this includes holidaymakers, holiday homeowners and gym members.

Q4. Have you found any new business opportunities during COVID-19 for your industry or any positives that have come from this situation?

Yes, this period of time has seen lots of new projects undertaken in preparation for when we re-open again to increase activity.

Q5. How are you supporting your clients out of the ordinary during COVID-19?

We have created a closed FB group for our 1200 holiday homeowners, where they can ask us questions, get latest updates and share photos and memories on our parks. Social media has paid a big part in supporting Holiday Guests and gym members also.

Q6. What’s the most important thing that COVID-19 has taught you so far in your industry?

It has shown us that we are a very stable business with not being heavily funded. Also that we have very supportive holiday homeowners that really do value the company.

Q7. Would you say that currently during COVID-19 your industry is on a decline, plateau or incline and what makes you think this?

Through COVID-19 our business has stalled, we have seen a huge decline in bookings and holiday home sales. We believe that after this is over we will see a huge increase in UK holidays and Holiday Home sales.

Q8. If anything, what more do you think the government can do to support your industry?

There’s not a lot more that the government can do to support UK tourism at the moment.

Q9. If you are not already when do you think you will be back working from your office, will you have to adapt the way you work initially and if so how?

I am still working but from a home office. Social distancing measures will be here for some time, so we can see changes to the offices to keep staff safe.

Q10. When do you think it will be “business as usual” again for your industry and what makes you think this?

Our feeling is the end of July, we think this because we feel the economy would suffer if the summer business is lost.

Q11. What do you miss most during lockdown?

Going to the pub lol! In all seriousness, I miss the thrill of sales coming in and working to budgets.

Q12. What’s the best tip you can give to others to help them cope with life in lockdown, both in business and personal life?

Stick to a routine when working from home and create ‘To-Do” lists.

Thank you to David Goldsmith from Shorefield Holidays for taking part in this survey. If you would like to give insights into your industry during COVID-19 to help other businesses please get in touch.