Google Docs is a free web-based application, where you can create documents and spreadsheets that are stored online. Google Docs is arguably the most popular of its kind, allowing for anyone to pick up a document from any device from the last change, without manually having to save it. Google Docs also lets you insert images into a document. But what if you open the document from another computer and need to extract the images inserted into the document?

Never fear, Rooster is here to give you some tips!

If you work in Marketing and are not using Google Docs, you should check it out right now. Google Docs is the answer to keeping all of those files in one organised and easily accessible place from any device, anywhere.

Google Docs is the answer to keeping all of those files in one organised, an easily accessible place from any device, anywhere. The problem is that Google Docs doesn’t allow you to save straight from the online editor.

As you can see, it allows you change the image, add a link and even replace the image, but not export.

No need to worry though, we can retrieve this image with a few different methods!

Publish the document and save the image

One way to save an image from a Google Document is by first publishing your document. From the file at the top right, you can select “publish to web…”

Next, click the blue button and publish. It won’t take you straight to the published document, but you can copy the link shown underneath into a new tab in your web browser.

This will then open up your document in a simple layout which you can then right click on the image you want to save, and select “save image as…”

Download the document and save the image

Another way to extract an image from Google Docs is by exporting the document as a word document by using the top menu. Select File, then Download As and finally select Microsoft Word (.docx).

Once it has downloaded in your downloads folder, you will see the document saved as a .docx file. Open the document in Word and right click the image and select “save as picture”, depending on where you select the save location to be, this will save the image out as a .jpg.

Saving images from Google Docs is easy!

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