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Creating something doesn’t always come with a guaranteed audience of readers, no matter how appealing it may be. Curating clever content that provides enjoyment and fulfils a business goal is essential. Businesses need to think deeper into customer-driven content that creates the perfect formula of interest and information readers are searching for.

To find out what makes content successful, you have to deconstruct it

First, define success.

Then, find content that achieved what you want to achieve.

We pull it apart into its most basic elements and find out what makes it work. We repeat this process until we find patterns – the things that tie all these pieces together. Only then are we ready to start coming up with ideas. We might not always love what we find, but your audience will. And if our research finds that the best route forward is a simple blog post – then that’s what we need to do.

What’s important is that you achieve what you set out to do. That you get a return on your investment.

Why isn’t your content working?

Your content marketing agency could charge thousands for a video, an interactive piece, or a huge survey – only for you to find that when it comes to promoting that content, it flops. It’s a bitter pill to swallow after all the money you’ve put in. You might get a few retweets, the odd Facebook like – maybe even a link. But there’s no return on your investment. It hasn’t done what you needed it to.

The truth is: nobody ever wanted that content in the first place.

Just because your content marketing agency or even your boss thinks it’s a great idea, doesn’t make it so.

If more time was spent researching your audience and finding out what they really want, your content would have been easier to pitch, or more widely consumed – it would have been overwhelmingly more likely to succeed. Our agency does content marketing the way we do everything; we take time to research as deeply as possible before making a single move. We see what’s out there. We see if anyone wants more of it. We figure out who we’ll need to pitch it to.

We get the facts and do the science.

That gives artistry a direction and a purpose, beyond wild creativity.

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