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Show your brand to the world with our art direction services; offering stunning visual solutions to tie in with your unique brand narratives.

Art Direction at Rooster

We have an expert in-house team of creatives who are on hand to create engaging, memorable and impactful branded content for you and your business.

The two key areas in which we utilise art direction is in photography, drone imaging, animation and video shoots. However, we are by no means limited to just these two. Our direction services include the following:

Planning: Before any shoot, we will ensure that it is probably planned. This makes sure that those involved fully understand what shots are needed before taking them. For our clients, this is key as it saves time and resources which ultimately means money.

Creative: Our expert in-house creatives can turn a simple photo idea into a hugely engaging campaign concept by directing our photography and videography teams.

Our production services also work alongside our copywriting. This ensures that the visuals, tone of voice and messaging all tie together seamlessly so that the end product is both engaging and convincing.

Vision: Production direction at Rooster constantly highlights and addresses the usage, content, application and accompanying messaging for any image captured.

At Rooster we are happy to offer you direct art direction, regardless if we are conducting the video, drone or photograph shoot ourselves. We are also more than happy to sit down with you and consult with you on your current or future art direction and what would work best with your brand.

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What is Art Direction?

Art direction plays a central role in any photography or video shoot and acts as the interface between creativity and purpose. It is the management of the production of the artistic and design elements of a project.

An art director will create the overall design of a final product and direct others involved in the development and production of these. They are responsible for the visual style of imaging across a range of marketing materials.

Why Art Direction is Important

Art direction ensures that every time a shutter is pressed or camera begins recording, what is created is done so for a specific purpose. Each individual photo will be taken for specific space on a web page or brochure. And a video clip for a certain scene in a preplanned and pre-agreed storyboard.

This means that all visuals created are not just being taken in a style that an agency, photographer or videographer like but instead in a way that will match with and complement your brand. An art director ensures that each image has relevance for a business and stands a chance of being in date for as long as possible to achieve the highest ROI.

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