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Start crafting your strategic roadmap for the present and future success of your branding with brand architecture.

Brand Architecture at Rooster

Rooster Marketing’s bespoke brand workshop can help you establish where you are as a business, where you want to go and who you want to be. This allows you and your staff to get to really know your business and understand your sub-brands characteristics.

Following a brand workshop, you will be supplied with comprehensive brand guidelines. These will contain valuable information, including; correct use of a logo, fonts, colours, a tone of voice and key messaging of all literature, both on and offline, with straplines if appropriate. This ensures that anyone coming into contact with the brand(s) will not dilute what will be created.

A few examples of our work on brand architecture can be viewed in our work section:

Sodexo: Rooster Marketing implemented a financial reward scheme that was fundamentally a separate brand but housed in the overarching Sodexo mother brand.

Elekta: Rooster Marketing helped with the branding and marketing of product brands that are separate but complementary extensions of pre-existing brand architecture.

John Guest: Rooster Marketing helped to unite several brands that had lost consistency under one roof that now houses seamlessly on one easily manageable custom made CMS WordPress site.

Coopers Fire: Rooster Marketing were able to highlight and identify an area of business in which the Coopers Fire brand could expand and offer on a large independent scale. This workshop also highlighted that the brand architecture here would have to follow a ‘house of brands’ structure as this new line of business needed to separate itself from the surface from Coopers.

All brand assets that we create at Rooster Marketing are wholly bespoke and tailored your business needs.

Here at Rooster Marketing, we can work to meet a variety of budgets, deadlines, platforms, and objectives.

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The Structure of Your Brand

Brand architecture refers to the structure of brands within an organisation. Brand architecture is focused on optimising a company’s hierarchy and the role of sub-brands within a master brand structure, so as to support the overarching business and marketing strategy.

Why Brand Architecture is Important

There are two key existing brand architecture structures that brands can follow:

  • A House of Brands: This is when a company markets a range of separate brand names that, on the surface, are wholly disparate from one another.
  • A Branded House: The company itself is the brand, and its products or services are marketed to be subsets of this main brand

Deciding on which brand architecture to follows is an important process and has the ability to completely define your company.

Unfortunately, many businesses only think of brand architecture at times of change. However, it is so important to keep an active eye on your brand structure at all times.

Brand architecture works towards maintaining brand consistency and purity. It can also unite you stakeholders and expand your market share by helping you as a business to:

  • Reveal new target audiences and refine current audiences
  • Decide how and where to add new products and services
  • Recognise and cement your brand positioning, messaging and tone of voice
  • Increase brand engagement and customer loyalty
  • Ensure that all brands, even lover-impact brands, remain full of life and on brand even though they may be utilised less.
Brand Architecture

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