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Form an attachment between your customers and your brand through involvement, interaction, intimacy and influence. All part of the brand engagement service at Rooster.

Brand Engagement at Rooster

Here at Rooster Marketing, we have an expert in-house team who are on hand to create engaging, memorable and impactful brands for you and your business. We can also help design a comprehensive content marketing strategy for omnichannel use, allowing you to take advantage of the vast amount of traffic available to your company both on and offline.

We will work closely with you and your team to develop a coherent and creative strategy that details the steps it takes to develop your brand in the short and long term. We can implement everything from audience research and creative design to printing.

Right from the beginning, we will consider how a brand will be delivered across all channels and media. This ensures there is complete brand consistency across the board. Once we have produced any branded material, we can integrate it into your marketing mix as a full-service agency so that it achieves its goals, giving you the best value for money and ROI possible.

What is Brand Engagement?

Brand engagement is the process of forming an emotional or rational connection to a brand. Effectively, it is turning on the mind of your consumer.

It is more than simply delivering a message: Brand engagement is when customers add their own metaphors, feelings and associations onto a brand. In doing so they co-create a personal experience and connection between themselves and your brand.

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Why is Brand Engagement Important?

Brand engagement has the ability to ignite brand loyalty which will keep people coming back and choosing your brand.

If you want to be seen, heard and ultimately remembered in today’s crowded markets, your brand has to connect emotionally with customers, like never before. It is this emotional reaction and attachment that ultimately gives your brand power over consumers.

Types of Brand Engagement

Two of the best ways to encourage engagement with your branding is through visuals and tone of voice.

Compelling visuals encourage brand engagement because they show rather and tell your customer of your offering. They hold the promise of an experience, encourage involvement and provide a valuable reinforcement to any written content.

The correct tone of voice induces brand engagement as it allows you to humanise your brand. It sets the tone and character for who you are and is the easiest and most effective way to reveal a brand’s true identity. Just like when you meet someone for the first time, you can tell a lot about them from the way they talk; their background, their beliefs, their personality and even their sense of humour.

In the same way, how you as a business speak gives your consumers a pretty clear picture of who you are and whether you are the sort of person that they want to befriend. This is the promise of successful brand engagement, to become that friend. The right tone of voice can connect you to the customers who need you and holds an impressive potential for return on investment (ROI).

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