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Stand out from the crowd with our bespoke graphic design service in Hampshire for digital and print projects.

Graphic Design at Rooster

At Rooster we create tailored designs that work for you and your audience. We have built a reputation as a creative design agency that delivers, by balancing our artistic flair with research, experience and lots of discussions over tea (or coffee!)!

The first step is the most important one: we take the time understand your audience and the goals you want to achieve, then research your audience to find out more about what makes them tick.

Sometimes our role is to challenge your brief. The result needs to work as part of a logical marketing strategy, and Rooster has earned respect as a creative design agency for helping clients understand what really works when it comes to visual media.

What is Graphic Design

Graphic design is all about visually engaging, communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, spacing, images and colours.

Concepts and trends are forever changing with design; from modernism with its bold colours and minimalistic style, to the complexities and details found in more retro graphics. As appealing as these may be, keeping your design, branding and overall marketing consistent and in line with what your audience expect to see is fundamentally important and should be thoroughly researched prior to jumping on the latest design trend.

Graphic design should work seamlessly online and offline and should incorporate strong concepts that work hand in hand with your overall marketing strategy.

Your customers make decisions and form opinions in the blink of an eye. This means that first impressions really do count for your brand and this is where expert graphic design comes in.

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Types of Graphic Design

However you communicate your brand to your customers or potential customers, each touchpoint should be consistent. Typically graphic design is just seen as the logo, but having a concise design that informs other communications can have a huge impact.

Exhibition Graphics

We create eye-catching pop-up display banners, modular exhibition systems to elaborate and bespoke 3D environments for experiential marketing, product launches, retail and more.

Brochure Design

Whether you’re look to create a luxury and creative style brochures or a research based corporate handbooks, we design, create and print engaging brochures with powerful graphic design.

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Logo Design

For corporate packages with multiple logos or small/medium businesses with a simple message. Your logo is your voice and makes you a recognisable player in your industry. We offer logo design with a difference, we listen to your market, your customers and your business to truly understand who you are.


From static infographic and data visualisation to interactive content and motion graphics, we create concepts, research and produce engaging graphical infographics for a wide range of brands and organisations.

Signage Design

Signs that show a physical layout or simply navigate through the office. We take your brand in a more relevant direction, making more of environmental marketing opportunities. Crafting memorable graphic design for signage not only uses branding but also utilises visual, audible and tactile cues.


We design bespoke stationery with graphics that are a true reflection of your brand’s quality and professionalism, from the detail in the weight and finish of business cards to the thickness and coating of your letterhead.

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Why Great Graphic Design is Important

Your customers make decisions and form opinions in the blink of an eye. This means that first impressions really do count for your brand and this is where expert graphic design comes in.

Whilst a good logo can change perceptions, a great logo drives sales and brand longevity. Graphic design can help make you become more tangible and enable you to express your brand’s personality. This, in line with a well-designed marketing campaign, will drive engagement across your business, achieving your objectives and greater potential return on investment.

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