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New brand, new business.

Become more than just a company. Become an icon.

We elevate, evolve and envision brands at all levels. Your story is our creation. It’s time to show yourself.

We design brands from scratch. We transform old ones into something new. We define and shape brands so they connect, have substance, value and voice.

Our design work crosses all formats and platforms, always made with our collective expertise in specific areas of marketing, design and branding.

A brand for life.

A strong brand should outlive its founders. Become a legend; notorious, noteworthy – never ending. We collaborate with established brands to evolve them in a changing world. We create, curate and develop brands from scratch, for challenger businesses preparing for a lifetime of growth. Wherever you are on the journey, take the next step with us.

Designed for business.

Rooster focuses on design that makes business better. Not just prettier, not just a gimmick – and not just wild creativity. Our work is created by razor-sharp designers, researched by insightful marketers and is backed up with our depth of expertise in a multitude of challenging industries. The designs we create elevate businesses into the next evolutionary phase of their organisation.

In short, we make work that… works.

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Masterful branding, designed to last.

Your brand is everything. It’s not your logo or your name. It’s not your colour palette, or tone of voice. It’s not your fonts or your staff uniforms, or the quality of your printed material.

It’s all of it. And everything else. Your brand is how people know you. It’s what people feel about your business. If it’s confusing, all over the place, undecided – that’s how people will feel about you.

Unless they’ve already forgotten.

Our senses drive our emotions and trigger our memories. And emotions make all of our decisions. Even the logical ones. We build brands out of research, made for your audience – made to remember, made to elevate your business – brands for life.

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