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The most successful companies have a deep understanding of their customers’ buying behaviour – now you can too.

What is Consumer Insights?

Consumer insight is the understanding of your customer based on their buying behaviour, their experiences with you, their beliefs or their needs. By researching your target market, you can identify patterns in their buying behaviour and discover exactly what is important to them.

Once you know why your customers do things a certain way, it will be much easier to establish and build long-term relationships with them.


Benefits of Consumer Insight Research

Consumer insight research helps you to stay one step ahead of your competitors by appealing directly to their wants or needs. You will be able to develop new products or services which combine feedback from customers, creating a new, overall more appealing solution.

It will also provide you with a clear picture of the decisions behind the buyer journey and the touch points that influenced those buying choices. This is incredibly useful as you will know the main stages of which you lose your customers which can be used to fuel your retention strategy. Additionally, you will have a better understanding of your return on investment for marketing opportunities that cannot be easily tracked, like if you sponsored an event, for example, it would be very hard to track exactly what this has achieved without some consumer insight research.


Let Rooster Marketing Gather Consumer Insight Right For You

At Rooster we offer many different research methods for obtaining these all important consumer insights.

Whether it is an Online Survey, Focus Group, Telephone or Vox Pop Interviews, we will carefully choose the best method to meet your objectives and gather you the optimum insights.


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