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Employee Market Research

Employers with the best understanding of their employees have the happiest and most productive team players.

What is Employee Market Research?

Your employees are your unique competitive advantage – when they are loyal, productive and motivated, they are extremely valuable to the business. They sing the praise of your products and services, effectively acting as a brand ambassador, are more likely to go above and beyond and will produce better quality work. Disengaged employees take more sick days, produce less output, impact staff morale and produce lower quality work that could have a negative effect on the business.

As well as keeping your existing staff satisfied, attracting the best and the most well-suited employees from the outset will save money, time and disruption. Your employee benefits or relations can be a key deciding factor for a potential new hire and if your employee benefits are attractive, you can use them as a marketing tool. Remember that unsatisfied employees do talk and a bad employment reputation will hold your business back.

Ultimately, a poor understanding of employee satisfaction is in many ways, very costly for a business.


Do You Know the True Opinions of your Employees?

There is often a communication barrier between employees and management where employees do not feel comfortable voicing their true opinions of the workplace. Employees sit in silence for fear of looking like they are ungrateful or a complainer. They are also aware that their opinions are not anonymous and are anxious that whatever they say could have an impact on their future in the organisation.

This lack of honest and truthful communication between management and staff can be counterproductive to the organisation as management are trying to keep their staff happy without the full picture. Similarly, staff may look to leave the company, feeling as though things won’t change.

To really gauge the opinions of your employees, it’s important that they can do so in an anonymous manner. This process needs to be monitored to ensure that the information obtained is detailed and answers all of your queries.


How to Improve your Employee Relations with Employee Research

Attract, engage and retain your best employees to maximise productivity and drive profitability with employee research.

Our employee market research will find out the attitudes, opinions and feelings of employees by providing employees with a comfortable means of expression. Methods we will use include surveys and focus groups – where we can ensure that you have an accurate, honest insight into your employee relations. Your employee market research will leave you in an advantageous position, where you can use the information to improve your relationships with employees and therefore drive your business forward.

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