John Guest


John Guest Objectives

John Guest came to Rooster as they were keen to understand the connections between their Speedfit product and the wider John Guest brand.

Our research set out to gain a better understanding of John Guest’s key competitors for push-fit plumbing by performing consumer insight research into what websites tradespeople were using to keep up to date with industry news or for their day to day plumbing projects.

John Guest Market Research


Tradespeople Vox Pop Interviews

To uncover smarter insights, we used targeted Vox Pop interviews. We believe this method gave us a truly accurate representation of a how consumers interacted and felt about the Speedfit brand compared to the results we would have gained by simply asking someone face to face, unprompted and unscrutinised.

Rooster interviewed both on-the-job tradespeople and hardware store employees from a number of different plumbing stores and locations in the UK. By visiting the hardware stores at busy times of the day, we were able to target the biggest footfall of customers and captured some excellent feedback. Our interviewees were keen to voice their opinions on the products their job relies on every day.

Vox Pops Market Research


Research Results

A small selection of Verbatim comments:

“Customers mainly use it instead of copper, a lot of people just find it easier and a quicker solution to copper.”

“It’s between Speedfit and Hep2O, Polypipe is down the pecking order a little bit.”

“I have seen John Guest underfloor heating used in various bathrooms and it’s a very good product.”

“Speedfit is better because you do not need a key or anything to release it. You just unscrew it and pull it out, so works much better.”

Speedfit Market Research


Research Insights

This market research exercise enabled us to gather exceptional information that we could use collectively to enhance the marketing strategy for John Guest and their Speedfit brand.

The connection between the Speedfit and John Guest brand was comprehensive. We were able to clearly establish the material used by their consumers. In terms of key competitors, we were able to not only identify them, but also establish their strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, we also obtained key insights into branding and the importance of product placement. We established how the tradespeople rated other John Guest products, what brand was best known and the most important product features to them. This information was invaluable for the future marketing of the John Guest brand.

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