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Inbound marketing draws and maintains quality traffic on your website and ultimately sales.

Inbound Marketing: The Rooster Solution

Here at Rooster, we can help you get the most out of your existing inbound marketing and optimise other areas that you may not already be utilising.

Our expert in-house digital team is on hand to develop and implement your inbound strategy from scratch, or as part of a discovery process with you, your business and with your staff.

Our experienced team is fully conversant with Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua and Pardot.

We can help you leverage the maximum ROI out of your inbound marketing and marketing automation systems. We can do this through consultancy, strategy, planning, creation, training and implementation.

Online Inbound Marketing Agency Hampshire

What is Inbound Marketing?

It is all about attracting people who already want your product rather than shouting your message at a mass market. It is giving people what they need when they are looking for it and in a way that they are receptive too.

This type of marketing allows you to affordably secure the attention and engagement of your customers. When done right, it can draw and maintain quality traffic on your website and ultimately increase conversion rates.

It involves researching your audience thoroughly. This will then allow you to say the right thing, in the right place and at the right time.

By creating valuable content specifically designed to engage with your target audience, inbound activities will attract prospective customers to your business and keep them engaged so that they come back for more.

What Does Inbound Marketing Involve?

The key to a successful inbound strategy lies in attentive lifecycle marketing. This means adjusting your messaging and marketing to adhered to your customer’s needs as they evolve over time:

  • Attract potential consumers by creating and sharing useful and valuable content.
  • Convert potential customers with strategically placed contact forms, persuasive calls to action and other tactful conversion rate optimisation activities.
  • Ensure your customers close with creative email marketing and strategic marketing automation.
  • Keep your customers content and coming back for more with smart content, engaging social media activity and customer feedback options.

With organically engaged leads, affordable implementation and wholly reportable results, the risks involved in investing in inbound marketing are minimal.

It is no surprise that great marketing doesn’t involve selling to people who don’t want your product. Instead, what great marketing offers is value to people when they want and need it most. This is exactly what inbound marketing does.

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