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Social media marketing is the human voice of your brand, it engages with people and shares your marketing message effectively.

Social Media Marketing: The Rooster Solution

Good social management is about creating content, listening to what people are saying, using the right channels to reach the right audience, monitoring the results and interacting with your audience when appropriate.

The most vital part of any social strategy is to ensure that you pick the right channel(s) for your target audiences. Each demographic’s social activities vary enormously.

This is why at Rooster we take the time to understand your audience. We then monitor the success of all your social media activities to help evolve future activities for the best return on your investment.

We always strongly advise an audience and outcomes exercise is undertaken before any social strategy is implemented.

Social Media Management

What is Social Media?

Social media includes any website or application where users can create and share content or participate in social networking.

Social marketing can be used in a number of ways including, but not being limited to; leading consumers to your content, sharing industry news, engaging with audiences and competition, promotion, presenting a business as human and as a means of entertaining.

The Importance of Social Marketing

When implemented correctly, social can be incredibly impactful. It is an arena where brand personas can be made and cherished, and where a business is allowed to take the role of a listener, speaker, and spectator. For corporations, this is something very unique.

Social’s true power is held in the fact that it encourages emotion to enter into the consumer engagement.

We hear it time and time again from many clients that their business does not need social media, or that they are too corporate for social media. This could not be further from the truth.

Social marketing really does caters for all types of businesses.

We also see many businesses that feel corporate communications need to separate themselves from the customer through impersonal and stuffy business speak. Again this is not the case

It needs to be remembered that your customers are human. Your employees are human. Your followers and subscribers are human. And more importantly, guess what? You are human! Your company, therefore, is one run by humans for humans. So why do we all insist on talking like robots? Talk like a human for humans’ sake!

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