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Content marketing is the cornerstone of all digital marketing.

Content Marketing with Rooster

The key to any content campaign is a thorough understanding of your industry and your target audiences.

Here at Rooster, we have a team of experienced creatives and copywriters who are on hand to create original quality content that can be used in a number of ways and on a number of channels.

After thoroughly researching your business, industry, and customers a dedicated team here at Rooster will draw together a content plan. The type of content included here will depend entirely on what is most suitable for your audience.

If you want to regain control of your company’s communications and improve your SEO, CRO, social media, brand engagement and general business performance, then a new content strategy may be just the thing for you!


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is strategic marketing that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content. The aim is to attract and retain a pre-defined audience.

Valuable is the buzzword here: It’s the clincher that separates content marketing from any other form of marketing or advertising.

Instead of shouting about your products what you offer is information that is needed.

Content marketing is based on the theory that if businesses provide coherent, ongoing valuable information, then their consumers will reward them with their loyalty and business.
Successful content marketing can prove to be a game changer. It can directly impact all aspects of your marketing; from SEO to social media, to email and ultimately it can drive an increase in conversion rate optimisation.

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Content Marketing: Meet the Players

Content, in short, can be defined as information. As such, the following are all examples of content:

Images: As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, this seems to be the case only for us humans! Whilst search engines are getting better at understanding and detecting the meaning behind images, photos and infographics are still very much produced with people in mind.

Images are used to appeal to our magpie nature; give us something shiny or pretty and we will click!

Images can be consumed and processed quickly and work best for sharing messages across social media. They are the most popular medium for driving engagement and are usually quicker & easier to produce than videos.

Video & Animation: People engage with videos more than any other type of media. This is because they are provide information much quicker than plain text, and in a higher quality than images.

Video content is harder to produce and often requires more significant resources, but the return on investment is worth its weight in gold. Statistics suggest that video content can improve the performance of a landing page by almost 80%.

Audio: In the same way that video and animation appeals, audio also succeeds. Any alternative option that allows information to be digested faster will trump.

Written content: Written content is the most prevalent form of information across the web. This is because blogging is the easiest and cheapest method of expanding a website. Regular blog content can generate a significant increase in quality website traffic via search tactics and social shareability.

Why Content Marketing is Important

Content marketing is important because it will help demonstrate your expertise online, engage and retain website traffic and also enable search engine algorithms to read and rate your content, thus improving your natural SEO.

This said it is crucial that all content is continually measured, refined and tweaked to improve the overall performance of your digital marketing strategy.

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