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Copywriting & Content Creation

Expert copywriting that caters for your business, your readers and for search engines will increase traffic to your site and heighten brand engagement.

What is Copywriting?

By definition, copywriting is the process of writing relevant content for a specific target audience in order to market a product or service. In reality, it is so much more than this and goes beyond just writing words that convert better; creating content is a creative process that requires the ability to adapt copy to any tone of voice, for any audience, to represent any business and to communicate any message.

Content creation is a strategy in itself. For successful copy, you must have a clear end goal; who it is for, why it is being written, and what reaction do you want to spark from the person reading it?

Effective and precise content creation, like content marketing, can prove to be an absolute game changer and its potential for ROI is huge.


Content Creation at Rooster Marketing

Today content spawns many different forms; digital, traditional print, advert taglines, website copy, video & animation, radio jingles, podcast scripts and even recipes. Consequently, copywriters need to be both an agile and creative breed.

Here at Rooster Marketing, we are lucky enough to have an in-house team of experienced copywriters. They are able to research, develop and create your copy from scratch.

Our skilled writers produce unique content which is not only optimised fully for search engines but, also, directly relevant to your audiences using the correct tone of voice, level of detail and terminology throughout.

Our content creation services include a thorough research and planning stage, a drafting stage and then three rounds of edits per piece of copy.

We are more than happy for clients to supply their own copy for review, and Rooster is here to assist if you as much or as little as you want.

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