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Boost your search engine visibility with our bespoke SEO services in Hampshire.

Optimising for users first, algorithms second

A user first SEO strategy ensures that our time is always spent on worthwhile activity. Algorithms constantly update, but the main aim of search engines will always remain – to connect users to the most relevant, user-friendly and helpful web pages.


Real results over vanity metrics

The end goal of our SEO process is to drive more conversions to your business. It is NOT to simply chase number 1 positions that’ll make us look good, but won’t necessarily make a difference to your bottom line.


SEO agency with the ideas & the full-service SEO team to implement them

When you work with Rooster, you only work with Rooster. We are one of only a selection of agencies who are able to implement the full scope of marketing and creative services without the need to outsource, so you can be confident that your brand is never diluted.

SEO Agency Hampshire

Unrivalled SEO market research capabilities

As the only UK agency that has both an SEO & market research team in-house (to our knowledge), we pride ourselves in understanding our clients, their audiences and competitors – it’s what enables us to deliver the most effective SEO strategies.

  • Firstly, we’ll research your audiences, gaining an understanding of what exactly are their needs and pain points, and where they are looking to answers to their problems.
  • Next, we’ll undertake strategic keyword research, discovering what your audiences are searching for, how competitive these terms are and which are going to bring the largest value to your organisation.
  • Finally, we’ll assess your SEO competitors, what is working well for them? Where are our opportunities?


Auditing methods that detail the full picture

We’ll undertake a full assessment of your current SEO position and website performance for SEO. From here, we’ll have a good idea of which direction we’d like to take with your SEO over the first few months. We’ll have already discussed with you what your in-house capabilities are to provide SEO support, such as copywriting, as well as your budgets, so our strategy will be realistic and achievable.


Realistic and actionable SEO strategies

We are very open about our strategy and monthly activity from the very beginning, starting with a 6 month SEO strategy, which details exactly what we are doing for you each month in advance.

Alongside this SEO strategy, we also detail ways in which you can help your own SEO, especially in areas where we can’t best serve you, such building reviews for your business.


An in-house development team for all technical SEO needs

As part of the overall SEO strategy, there’ll be significant technical tasks that need to be implemented. Be safe in the knowledge that technical tasks will be carried out by experienced professionals.

Whether you need a faster loading website, a change in hosting providers or simply need to make small design changes to web pages to keep users on the site longer, we are able to carry out all of these for you.


Content that speaks to your audience

Without a content strategy, it’s much more difficult to achieve exceptional SEO results. We’ll deliver a content-driven SEO strategy to improve brand name searches and to bolster existing website strength, using a number of marketing tactics.

We invest in leading content research tools to discover and develop ideas that audiences will engage with. Plus, we provide evidence that these ideas can deliver results, rather than investing time on a whim and churning out articles.

Our in-house content marketing team are passionate about great content and have experience writing in a variety of tone of voices to suit your individual company.


A proactive approach to content outreach

Backlinks continue to be one of the strongest ranking factors in Google’s algorithm – but it’s also one of the areas that agencies and internal marketing teams put off. Why? Because it’s time consuming and requires significant planning.

As part of content outreach, we’ll research publishers and influencers before refining these to a list of ideal targets, based on their relevance and the authority of their website.

We’ll gather contact details and proactively reach out, pitching guest content ideas or collaborations. We’ll also promote new content to the most relevant outreach targets, to boost awareness and participation.


Open and honest SEO reporting, without all the noise

As we’re transparent with our clients from the outset and proven in our abilities, there’s no need for us to tweak dates and results to suit us.

We can guarantee we’ll achieve the best results possible for your budget, and if your budget is on the smaller side, we’re not going to promise you the world – and would highly recommend you didn’t trust the agencies that do! The best SEO agencies will be open about what is holding your SEO performance back from the outset, rather than as an excuse later down the line.


SEO services in Hampshire and beyond

Winchester, Hampshire is where we’ve laid our roots and we are proud to have local clients that have been with us since day dot.

Our reputation has since led us to secure SEO clients all across the UK including London, Somerset, Oxfordshire and further afield.

Our specialist team will help you to establish a successful search marketing strategy that will inform the content marketing cycle, improving the businesses online search engine visibility, driving awareness and engagement across a multitude of digital channels.


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