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Our website design puts customer experience first. We create compelling customer experiences that look beautiful and demand to be used. The beauty runs into the code – where functionality is optimised for all devices.

Always unique, never from templates

Our website design focuses on the core of your values, the meaning of your services and products – to deliver your message, loud and clear, to your customers. After we carry out deep research and ideation, we work in partnership with you to create a user experience as unique as your customer base – one that encourages them to take their next step with you. We make completely tailor-made websites, designed to do what matters most to your business.

Our ethos is in every website we create: make it for them, not for us.

Good websites follow the intent of the user. We get to know the businesses we work with intimately before we start work – so we understand not just what they want, but what they need.

We make websites that get results. Nothing matters to us more.

Pinewood school mobile websiteAquila responsive mobile website

Responsive, secure and SEO-ready

Some markets are almost exclusively mobile, others depend on desktops. Whichever way around your industry works, we’ll build for the dominant platform first. Our responsive websites adapt to the device they’re served to, resizing and rearranging themselves automatically. We serve your users the optimal experience, every time.

All websites by Rooster are secure, fast and futureproof. Our SEO team ensures that we adhere to up-to-date technical best practice to give your site the best ranking potential from the moment it’s launched. You can choose to host your website on our robust, reliable servers – for a complete end-to-end solution with a single point of contact.


Buying online should be quick and easy for users. We create custom E-commerce websites that give users exactly what they expect, allowing them to purchase with as few barriers as possible – on all devices.

Our approach focuses on your business needs and the scalability required in the future. We utilise both Shopify & WooCommerce E-commerce solutions, which are perfect for smaller shop-focused businesses, alongside larger organisations looking to scale their online sales. We recommend the platform that’s right for you, giving you the flexibility or standardisation required to run your digital business as effectively as possible.

Our E-commerce website designs are seamlessly entwined with either Shopify or WooCommerce platforms, elevating your brands presence in the E-commerce marketplace and ensuring a smooth transaction experience for your users.

Headless CMS and static sites

A Headless CMS facilitates the sharing of data across multiple web platforms and the process of de-coupling the CMS optimally assists the need for a central point, which will benefit the project architecture. Paired with Headless CMS comes creating a custom API (REST API / GraphQL API), which will form the integral link between data from the CMS or database and any platform that utilises the same data, finding a centralised source where data is easily transferred to and from. A Headless CMS is set up to scale and is designed to facilitate growth, making it easy to increase the amount of platforms the data integrates with – without having to repeat the initial process each time a client wants to expand the system.

Static sites integrate seamlessly with a Headless CMS. We create tailored static sites with Jamstack architecture, which offers an impressive number of speed and safety benefits for websites. Benefits include: the ability to serve the entire website over a content delivery network (CDN) which exists separately from the main web database, pre-rendered HTML pages that allow for lightning-quick load speeds which prevent security and hacking issues, and no dynamic creation of pages when a user visits a webpage.

We’ll work with your team to ensure your website architecture and CMS needs are aligned with your internal teams’ strengths and website requirements. This means your bespoke website is built entirely for purpose from the ground up with a dedicated strategy in place.

Plant Food Bases websiteBarton enterprise website

Filtering and complex functions

Our developers create bespoke solutions and web applications, and we can get different platforms talking using APIs and custom code. We seamlessly integrate websites with third party applications such as booking systems, stock and inventory apps – and we can build custom filtering systems from scratch.

Creating an experience that users want to repeat is as much art as it is science. We develop complex functions and present them simply, designing user interfaces that work as seamlessly and fluidly as possible.

Simplicity isn’t always possible or the best solution for every problem. The challenge is to make a complex system easy to use, without burying features in menus.

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