According to the National Association of Realtors, social media for property developers is a great marketing strategy, with 47% of businesses in the real estate market having said that social media platforms were bringing in the highest quality of leads.

With the next generation being so technologically advanced, it’s no surprise that 99% of millennials begin searching online at home, with Facebook having the largest audience of 2.9 million active users per month.

Getting to know

With property, construction or real estate, it’s so important that you get to know who your target audience is, what engages them and what they respond well to, making sure that all content grabs their attention, keeps them interested and leaves them wanting more. Having an understanding of your audience can help figure out what social media platforms they prefer and what their likes and dislikes are.

Quality over Quantity

Selling your business is key to making sure every post, blog and photography is of the highest quality. High res images get more clicks, which provides higher engagement – it’s also been shown that homes with high-quality photographs sell 32% faster than homes with poor-quality photographs. The caption for the posts needs to capture the attention of your audience. Writing a fun and informative caption makes your posts more intriguing, and you can utilise relevant hashtags to expand your audience, reach new followers, and attract buyers and sellers.

Telling your story

Storytelling is a great way to give your audience insight and a bit of background of the business, adding history and previous projects for readers to discover how the business started. Before and after posts demonstrate progress, almost taking them on a journey from start to finish. Telling your story on social media gives potential customers a perspective of the way you work and your unique process of projects.


So why is social media so important? It’s cost-effective, targeted advertising, brand reinforcement, instant engagement and customer relationship management. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how to support your business.