If you are trying to market your product or service in the UK from overseas but not succeeding then you have to look at how your potential UK clients see your marketing efforts.

The first thing we normally get is an emailer that just does not fit the UK Market. It is usually text heavy with an unfamiliar font and formatting and no matter how hard you try it only takes one word out of place to set the alarm bells ringing. If nothing else these emails give us all something to laugh at every day as you all try and sneak under the radar but sadly most overseas marketing efforts stop right here!

If you are lucky enough to get someone to actually click a link on the emailer then we are taken to an overseas website again not designed, written or formatted for the UK market. The alarm bells start to ring and we quickly move on.

You may have the best product or service at the most amazing prices which you know would be perfect for the UK market, but if you cannot get past these first crucial hurdles then you will fail. You will ask yourself “Can the UK market be that different? Why won’t people contact us from the UK?” and the answer is yes, the UK market is very different. It’s fickle, protective, nervous and has to feel extremely comfortable to use an overseas supplier.

Here at Rooster we help overseas suppliers by using all the qualities you already have as a business but transform them to fit the UK market. Not only do we help you create and distribute marketing content but we also research potential clients to market to in the UK to maximise your return on investment in an unfamiliar territory.

The fact is UK companies WANT to use overseas suppliers. Nothing gives people more satisfaction than to tell their competitors that they can get the same or better quality product or service at a more competitive price. BUT the process needs to start with a familiar feel to give that confidence or the whole marketing strategy will fail.

Our service is discreet, confidential and will start new or increase existing marketing efforts to the UK so get in touch to get started now.